Forex, Futures; Decent Trading Week with SST

Despite the tough trading week, the the SST ended up performing GREAT ending the week positive on 4 of our markets!

The EURUSD continues to be a half step behind the rhythm, it seems.  The best trades continue to happen during the early morning hours.  Today was not different.  Still though, the EURUSD managed to get above par earlier in the week, and actually hit all new record profit levels.  It ended the week down, -34 pips.  It is right beneath its high water mark.  Patience is required.

The EURJPY continues to make all new record profit levels.  It ended today down -26 pips but ended the week up, +46 pips.  It’s one trade below its high water mark.

The Russell eMini hit all new record profit levels today, ending the session up, + 1 point.  It ended the week up +11.7 points and now has +39 points for the year.  We made +462.6 points in 2010.  We made +488.3 points in 2011 for a total of +950.9 points going into this year.  Today, we hit the all time high water level, +39 points for 2012.  We are merely 10.1 points away from the big +1000 point lifetime milestone with the TF and SST.

Crude Oil was its typical difficult, slippery self, requiring perfect trade executions at times.  The market was very jittery and fast moving.  Perfect trading netted +1.45 for the week, and new record profit levels.  I would say though, that most traders not trading the SST finished with less.

Wheat continues to be Wheat.  GREAT!  We ended the session pretty much flat, up just 1 tick before trade costs.  The week ended up +13.50 points at $50 per point and is up +60 points for the year.  Definitely continuing to be a TOP performer.  Best of all, it only requires 28 minutes per day and usually quite a bit less.  Traders trading a bit longer would have ended even higher for the week.

The SST continues to work well across many types of markets and timeframes; forex, futures, stocks, etfs, daytrading and swingtrading.

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4 Responses to Forex, Futures; Decent Trading Week with SST

  1. Daniel Simko says:

    sounds like only the brokers are making money

  2. KEITH HUNTER says:

    Is the SST available for purchase – and could you advise where I can find out more about the Seven Summits Trader?
    Keith Hunter

    • CoachTJ says:

      Keith, welcome to our blog and thank you for your question. We are holding a webinar on the SST later this month. I would advise to register for one of the webinars coming up next week. Also, you have information dating back to August of 2010 right on this blog. You can click on the archived articles and just scan/skim through them to get a big picture view of what and how we’ve done since we first released the SST to the public. If you have any specific questions, I’d be happy to answer those for you as well.

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