Forex, Futures Continue to Kick Butt; Another Very Profitable Session for SST Traders

It is such a pleasure being an SST trader, trading forex, futures, stocks, ETFs and options.  It is easy to get spoiled with so many consistent winning choices.   The SST continues to perform, session after session.  It is important to realize though that losses do come and are apart of the winning formula.  Be careful not to grow complacent and realize that inside of all the great results we have been posting, the occassional tough session or two does exist.  But for now, we’ll just bask in the glory of all our winning trades and a gang buster start to 2011 — directly on the heels of a gang buster end to 2010.  In fact, all of 2010 was phenomenal since the SST became available.

Forex and futures trading today though could not have gone much better.  We finished our crude oil trades with 2 full winners; two and done, cha-ching, + .89 = + $890!  The Russell eMini too, also gave us nothing but green today, + 8.3 = + $830

AND, for the 2nd session of the new year, two of our favorite forex charts also gave us handsome gains.  GBPUSD took a pause and ended flat for the session.

EURJPY — + 88 pips

EURUSD — + 78 pips

Crude Oil Chart — + .89

Forex and Futures Traders have a lot to be thankful for if armed with a power trade tool like the SST!

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