Forex, Futures; Big Winners Across All Five; Good to be Back!!

After a fun (and much deserved) short break and holiday, today I was greeted with a dream session and a fantastic start to the final quarter of 2011, as both our futures and forex trading ended up handsomely profitable.  I think we are in for a big ride and for SST Traders, that means ringing in the new year with a big loud, cha ching a ling ding!

It was strange being back in the traderoom for the first, well.. the first 2 or 3 minutes, anyway.  But then the familiarity came flowing through and while the forex markets started off slow, and crude oil had just crashed over $1 just before our start time, there was only one thing left for me to do.  Lean on the system!!  What else is there? 

For many traders, that’s a lesson that needs to be learned, over and over again, until finally, the light bulb moment occurs.  For me, it began on the very first day I started calling trades live, in a traderoom.  Ever since that day, there has never been another way.  Lean on the system.  What else is there? 

The SST continues to prove itself over and over.  And those who have learned how to lean on it, have been richly rewarded.  Sure.. We had some tough sessions in September.  I haven’t finished updating my records on all five markets but despite a hard session here and there on the markets I have updated (TF and CL, so far), September was very profitable.  In fact, every month this year has ended very profitably.  The Russell is up over +400 points this year and CL is up over $18 just since August 1st. That’s over $18,000!

Today, we were hitting on all cylinders, winning on all five markets in our live traderoom.  Here’s the rundown:

  • Crude Oil; + .52; $520
  • Russell eMini; + 6.4; $640
  • EURUSD; + 68 pips
  • EURJPY; + 100 pips
  • Wheat Futures; + 10.50 Points; + $525

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s session.


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2 Responses to Forex, Futures; Big Winners Across All Five; Good to be Back!!

  1. conrad says:

    It’s good to see you back TJ, you seem to be the heartbeat at netpicks… You give the SST a sense of presence with your efforts in the trading room. Trading is a very lonely business and all it takes is a sense of belonging and community to bring out the best in someone (I am one of those people).

    I will be back in the trading room when my schedule conflict is resolved. In the meantime, I look forward to your posts and I just wish that Mark would enact a local forum for better communication (instead of a third party forum host).

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