Forex, Futures; Big Profits — A Warm and Fuzzy Day

Forex and Futures came charging back today on a session that continues to show how and why a strong belief structure in a trade method that works and works and works, is SO necessary if you expect it to WORK for you.  Yesterday during FED Day, we had mixed results.  Forex is always dangerous to trade during the FED announcement day but really, so is everything.  After the crude report, we got caught up in some of the ugliest price action we had seen in a long time.  We managed to avoid some of it but not all of it.  We took a rare 4 loss in a row session with CL.

All in all, the results were not so bad when factoring in the other markets.  The Russell and Wheat Futures were the stars of the session with the Russell winning two in a row for +4.2 points and Wheat putting in an astounding +15.25!

EURUSD, after a +106 pip session Tuesday, gave back 40 pips yesterday to those who decided to trade the FED day. 

EJ gave back 46 pips yesterday.

Today though, everything came charging back, as we’ve seen over and over again.  This is why your belief structure is SO critical.  The best sessions happen after tough sessions.  Today, Crude ended with +.70, and is already on the comeback trail.

The Russell ended with a +9.2 points!!  Breaking out to ALL NEW RECORD PROFIT LEVELS, +450.8 Points for 2011. 

Wheat continues to astound us, banking +10.5 points.  The GetBob gave the BIG cha ching a ling ding, with a huge runner to end the session. 

EURUSD banked +99 pips today.

EJ gave us +28 pips

Don’t forget I’ll be hosting a free webinar later today, 5:30 est.  You can get the log in details on the post below this one.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s session.

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