Forex, Futures; Another Huge Day — Another Huge Week? We’ll See..

Our forex and futures trading continue to hit on all cylinders with the SST.  Each day we show up and trade our tradeplan — The SAME Tradeplan — letting the edge that it gives us do the real heavy lifting.  It doesn’t matter if we take a loss or have a losing session from time to time.  We will and we do!  That’s trading.  But as long as we keep putting the odds in our favor and just allow the results of our trades unfold, as per our tradeplan, we continue to post huge profits.

This week is a great example of that.  Monday was a big winning day for us on the Russell eMini.  In fact, we hit all new profit levels.  Yesterday though, was very hard.  We actually gave back most of Monday’s gains.  So what happens today?  Easy!  We show up and trade our tradeplan.  We proceeded to take the first few trades, each or which had a hard time following through to full target.  Our aggressive approach had us stopping out with 1 tick gains.  Finally, on the 4th trade, we got the move we were waiting for, hitting full target for +2.2, and trailing for the homerun trade, which we also go, for an additional +4.8; a +7 point trade.  We eneded the session up +7.6.  We are one trade shy of all time profit levels again as we journey upward on onward to the big +500 point milestone.  We’ve got +420.6 for the year, so far.

Coach Will did a masterful job calling all our markets today.  I had to host another webinar.  Here are the results for the other markets we trade in the live tradroom.

EURUSD: +83 Pips

EURJPY: +76 pips (featurning the ‘SST Simple’ strategy)

Crude Oil: +.63 for $630 (utilizing our special Crude Oil Report Tradeplan)

Wheat Futures: +13.5 points

Russell eMini: + 7.6 points

All in all, another Huge Day.  Whether we have another Huge Week or not is yet to be seen.  In the big scope of things though, it really doesn’t matter.  The Tradeplans will keep us moving ahead and we’ll just continue taking what the market wants to give us, with the SST doing all the heavy lifting — no matter who is at the wheel.

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