Existing Owners: SST Simple Details

Hey Guys, no doubt you’ve been hearing the buzz around the SST Simple release this coming week.

Well the good news is: Every SST Owners Club member GETS IT FOR FREE. While alot of other competitors out there might charge for it, we’re actually making this cool, simple method a part of your membership in the Owners Club 🙂 Pretty cool, huh?

Check out the below for an intro video:

And what if you’re not a member of the Owners Club anymore? That’s okay – just signup for one month, grab the strategy and then cancel. We just needed a way to keep the system protected and the best way to do this was to put it in the regular Owners Club.

Links to order the Owners Club will be distributed Tuesday with indicator download for the SST Simple available Thursday. Shout with questions – looking forward to you guys trying it out!

18 Responses to Existing Owners: SST Simple Details

  1. Joanny says:


    I’d like to know if subscription is required for SST Simple to run – just like the original SST indicators.


  2. Mike Gorchov says:

    The SSt simple looks good. One question that comes to mind are the stops. They are a lot closer on Simple. Is it possible to incorporate the stops in Simple into the original SST. Thanks, Mike

    • CoachTJ says:

      Mike, good question. The SSTS is a different approach and should not be blended with the Original SST. As you know, the Original SST stops are very dynamic and tuned for that particular style of trading. The SSTS uses a different approach altogether that is more conducive for the method that has become the SSTS but not the SST. It is rare when a full stop out happens on the SST. As you know, the SST aggressively seeks to cut risk as the trade progresses and ultimately eliminates the risk and creates that much coveted Risk Free position. The SSTS is designed to be a simpler approach with far fewer ‘trade mgt manuevers.’ Hope that makes sense.

  3. Ravi Kiran says:

    The only difference I see here is the absence of the channel. It is really nice. I also analyse that the trigger line is most important, but if we need the trigger line, we need to add the channel. Please kindly let me know how to have the sst simple.
    Looking forward to hear from you.

  4. crazzyotto says:

    hi, the intro vid ends w/ u saying ‘watch the next vid to see how we trade the dow e-mini’. i can not find the ‘next vid’. where is it??.

  5. vihan says:

    Hi !
    SSTS seems to be a pretty simple system with clear buy & sell signals, just wanted to know on what time frames and currency pairs this system can be used. Can this system be used on the 4H and daily time frames along with the smaller time frames like 5 & 15 Minutes too!!!


    • CoachTJ says:

      Hi Vihan, thanks for your questions. The SSTS is indeed a very simple and powerful strategy. It does have clear buy and sell signals, trade mgt tools, etc. We are taking this one step at a time, and being very careful and methodical about its development. Keep in mind it is very new and great advancements like this do take time. The original SST has had a lot of time to evolve and develop and members of the owner’s club have enjoyed a continually growing roster of well researched tradeplans. That being said, the SSTS will also prove to be versatile like its older brother. Step by step we’re going to come out with the best tradeplans we can, including the slower moving timeframes. Right now, right out of the gate, we are only recommending the initial tradeplans that we are making available as described in the video, with more to come. Hope that answers your question.

  6. Joe Hernandez says:

    When will the link for owners get posted?

  7. Kenneth Carswell says:

    Hey TJ, Where are the SST Simple indicators for owners that were promised for June 28? I hope these are going to show up for try out over the long weekend.

  8. Marlys Goodrich says:


    You state that the SSTS will be available next Tues. Is this July 5th, 2011? And is this release for the existing members?

    Being a newbie trader, I look forward to the SSTS.

    From what you have broadcasted concerning the SSTS, it seems that it could be the groundwork leading to a to a better execution/understaning of the SST yet retaining its own viability.

    • CoachTJ says:

      Marlys, the SSTS is up on the SST OC and available to SST members right now. You are correct in your assessment that it is an entry level pathway into the greater SST World of trading and that particular style of trading that the SST presents in general. Enjoy..

  9. Kenneth Carswell says:

    Is it correct that the default calculator that comes with the indicators is set for CL 377T? If so please release the trade plan for crude and the downloads for NinjaTrader. TradeStation works fine for Forex but I need NT for all other markets.

  10. Phil says:

    I am really interested in the SSTS. Do the indicators and calculator only work during specific trading hours or is it simply the trade plans that are designed to work during specific hours.
    Additionally. Will the SSTS work with range bars.

    Looking forward to your reply.


    • Mark Soberman says:

      Everything works on whatever market and timeframe you want, including range bars. Hope that answers your question!


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