3 Trades Booked Over 2,200 Pips!

Forex profits have been so frequent and numerous it is hard to know where to begin.  In today’s post, I want to show you a variety of timeframes.  Notice how all the trade setups look the same, feel the same, cut risk the same, and ring the cash register the same.  And now, with our super powerful and effective ‘4th setup,’ just newly arrived into the SST family of trade setups, our results have taken a big leap forward.

This first chart will show how a GBPUSD 6 pip range bar ended the session strong with 3 great trades.  The first one got caught up in a little bit of market noise and wound up stopping out at Break Even.  The SST wants to put us in a break even position quickly and aggressively.  Often we are very happy to escape a trade that begins to turn against us.  Sometimes though, the trade knocks us out and then continues to it’s full target.  We now have a new way to ‘get back on board’ that trade with a very high degree of success.  It’s called ‘GetBob’ and it has quickly worked its way into the hearts and minds of SST Traders.  The 2nd trade was a GetBob trade and it allowed us to scalp out some extra pips from a trade we had already gotten bumped out of at the breakeven level, as I mentioned.

Finally, a nice larger 3rd trade developed and is still going as of this post.  I wanted to show it though because it is a great demonstration of how the SST dynamically self adjusts to market conditions.  This final trade looks quite a bit different than the two before, being significantly larger.  It has almost hit its full target but meanwhile, the stop has steadily moved up, first cutting risk, then eliminating it and from there, it progressively locked in profit, every step of the way.  Regardless of what happens, this final sequence of late afternoon trading will wind up quite profitable.

GBPUSD 6 Pip Range Bar Example (With GetBob in the mix..)

Next up, a very effective swing chart; the GBPCHF end of day chart.  This ‘daily’ chart is hugely profitable.  This example shows the last three trades, which posted over 2,200 pips of profit, all the while, cutting risk and locking in profits as each trade progressed, just like the above range bar example.

GBPCHF End of Day Example (+ 2,215 pips resulting from the 3 most current trades)

Here’s a completely different chart.  The ever popular EURUSD 5 minute chart.  Here’s a look at today’s European Session.  It was classic SST trading session beginning with a Reentry, which took advantage of an earlier downtrend.  Then, after getting oversold on the 5 minute timeframe, the SST got us into a reversal long trade.  Price momentum increased so the SST signalled for us to ‘add’ to our position.  Not shown, is a ‘GetBob’ trade that also delivered a full profit.  Just the trades shown gave us a very handsome + 132 pips in about 2 hours of trading.

EURUSD 5 Minute Chart

Finally, a 4 hour chart of the USDJPY.  This is an amazing chart.  4 hour bars are not for everyone.   But many traders love them.  This is a chart worth paying attention to.  It is very profitable. There has only been 1 small losing trade over the past 10 trades since the middle of March.  There are hundreds of pips of profit and this market, you can peel off profits at each target level.  I didn’t post all the profit on this chart but you’ll get the idea.

USDJPY 4 Hour Swing Trade Chart

Wanna learn more.  There were just too many winning markets to comment on today.  Futures, Stocks, ETFs and more Forex!  Sign up to see the SST in live market action.   We’re showing it off again, this Monday.  You’ll want to be there too because we’ve got a few surprises up our sleeve.

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2 Responses to 3 Trades Booked Over 2,200 Pips!

  1. Brock L says:


    I know you talk about trading plans that you have on your web site. Do you have trading plans for shorter time frames on the Forex market? I just ask as I know on the longer-term time frames, your stops would be larger. I was wondering if the shorter-term time frame trades worked at all with smaller stops?

    Thank you!

    • CoachTJ says:

      Good questions Brock. We do have daytrade plans for forex and futures. They work great. As far as longer-term forex trading, don’t let the larger stops prevent you from taking advantage of these very profitable and high winning percentage trades. Just adjust down your position size. The size of the trade is irrelevant from a pip point of view. What is more important is the size of the risk you put on each trade. By creatively customizing your position size (use a flexible broker that lets you trade in minis and micros, for example), you can keep your risk at 1% or 2% of your available trade capital. In other words, it’s all relative to the amount of capital you have available to trade. Don’t use 50:1 leverage. Build your account over time. The 1 to 2% risk you put on each trade will grow accordingly. Like this, you can actually prosper long term as a trader by taking advantage of various timeframes which will give you great diversification. Make sense?

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