In Just 3 Trades! +554 pips after spread…

The EURUSD posted some sizeable short trades over this past week with SST.  This is more of a quasi swing trade strategy but also can give us some extended day trades that trigger in and out the same day.  It is the 120 minute chart, or a 2 hour chart.  It is by no means the only chart but we have found this one to be quite effective.

Check out the two short trades that produced +554 pips after spread.  It looks like three trades but the middle trade is actually an add-on position to the first trade.  Notice how the larger third target wasn’t reached until after we were stopped out with partial profits.  That can happen sometimes.  It is always a balancing act between cutting risk, locking in profit, and staying in for the homerun trade.  Despite only hitting the middle target, a place we would peel off some positions, the trailer was able to pick up extra profit on #1 and #2, and the total net result was still quite large.  Imagine when we DO hit the full 3rd target.  That’s pop the Dom Perignon time!  It happens often enough.  Also, off the chart to the left, prior to these trades, was another 100+ pip winner as seen by the arrow pointing upwards.  The cyan dots marked where that one exited.

Click on this chart to view the most recent EURUSD trades on a 120 minute timeframe

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2 Responses to In Just 3 Trades! +554 pips after spread…

  1. Levi Kuhn says:

    How can we learn the signals for ‘Seven Summits ” and how much will it cost ? Will it be sold with training support and if so does that cost extra ? Will it be a stand alone system or will it integrate with hvmm 2010- Does the system presume the trader is knowlegeable in hvmm ?

    Thnak you

    • CoachTJ says:

      Levi, thanks for your questions. All price questions will be answered at the Release Event Webinar, this August 24th. It will come with excellent training. All the details will be divulged on event day. We always offer additional training for whoever is interested. We are a staff of active trade coaches and training is a major part of what we do each and every day. It is a stand alone system and had nothing to do with HVMM. That being said, HVMM is also a stand alone system. A trader does not need to have any knowledge of HVMM to learn SST.

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