EURUSD Posts Big Gains with SST Despite Euro Uncertainty

The EURUSD kept us out of a lot of choppy action today as we remained patient and finally took a short trade that went the distance.  We gained +44 pips on a ‘one and done’ day.  Crude Futures and the Russell eMini didn’t fare so well as the early morning price action was frought with whipsaw and flakey moves both up and down.  I’ll circle back around to those markets later.  This post really, is about how important it is to not only really know the tradeplan well, but to also stick with it. 

Traders had to rely on their own knowledge of the system these past few weeks as I have been traveling, first to present at the Trader’s Expo with the NetPicks Team, but also to take part in our 3 day live Bootcamp Training Workshop where we covered everything SST Pro.  Finally, I have updated my EURUSD UTA sheet.  When I am out of town, as soon as I could get to it, I step through the charts and post the trades that the tradeplan called for.  Since becoming a live signal service, I have tracked and posted in my spreadsheet every EURUSD trade for the US session, but only up until the traderoom closes, 11 am.  SST traders have the option to continue with the tradeplan through noon but I have only posted through 11 am. 

The results have been outstanding.  As of today, we have broken to all new equity highs, and have amassed +2728 pips net of spread costs, winning an astounding 73.42% of our trades (that includes the 1 pip lock in ‘breakeven’ trades).  Moreover, the profit factor is +2.12 and the expectation table is has got us firmly in the GREEN zone.  UTA owners know how significant that is!

Check out these two equity curves.  The first one shows how we did after the first 6 weeks.  The second curve shows everything up until date of this post.  It really tells the story and exemplifies what a trader can expect if he/she is able to really take ownership of the method and tradeplan and then trade it with discipline and proper execution.

EURUSD 5 Min Chart Curve thru Sep 11

EURUSD 5 Min Chart Curve thru Dec 12

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