EURUSD Gives us a Monster Trade this Morning; + 299 pips

Today was another huge day for us in the traderoom with large gains in the EURUSD, Crude Oil and nice results with the Russell eMini and Wheat Futures as well.  The EJ continues to struggle as it has reached extreme price levels and 10 year lows.  I think I will be replacing the EJ with another forex market.  I’m sure it will continue to be profitable but I believe we’ll do better with something else.  I think I’m going to introduce some SST Simple trading to our Live Traderoom mix.  Stay tuned..

We had fast sessions with the above mentioned winning markets this morning.  The EURUSD was a slow patient trade but it was the only trade we took, netting us +299 pips and what is shaping up to be an excellent week for SSTFX Daytraders.

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You might say we got a monster trade on Crude Oil too.  We were able to grab an .88 trade to open our session.  I decided to play it real safe with the 2nd trade, especially when we missed our money mgt level by just 1 tick.  Not being in a hurry to give back our profits from the first trade, I decided we should lock in a tick, take the risk off the 2nd trade and then see if we could get to the full target.  The trade turned against us and we got out of the way, covering our commissions and settling for a .90, $900 gain to end the 17 minute session.  It turned out to be a good decision because after the extended move down, CL began to consolidate and chop around.  We would have give back our earnings only to trade into some more winners.  I didn’t do the math but it appears we would have ended up about the same but after a lot more work.  No thanks!  I love being able to ‘take the money and run.’

Yesterday we gained .44, the day before that +1.22 and Monday we got .52.  That’s on the heels of a +1.15 Friday to end the 3rd quarter and month of September.  CL had a real hard losing session last Thursday but since then, as we so often see, CL has won 14 of the last 15 trades and is on a 5 session winning streak for +4.23, $4,230!  Since becoming a Live Signal Service in addition to a Live SST Training Room, Crude Oil is up +21.26 which is $21,260!!  All since July 29th.

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As if that were not enough, the Russell too, has been on a very profitable run, gaining another +4.2 points today.  It too is on an impressive winning streak of its own, winning 16 of the last 19 trades and a 6 session winning streak.  We’re already up +16.8 for the week and today we hit all new record profit levels with +411.7 points for the year.  It continues to hold its 67.4% winning percentage trade for trade through 2011, a continuation of the same win rate we enjoyed in 2010.  We’ve won 79.2% of all our sessions this year, 76.9% of our weekly totals and we’ve prevailed with a positive monthly total all 9 months this year.  In fact, since going live with the SST, April 2010, we’ve only had 1 down month and that was only -14 points.  To put that in perspective, our Sept totals this year was +56.7.  August got us +80.9, July got us +60.8, etc. 

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