EURUSD Gains Over 90 Pips Today; Here’s a Look..

Since we have the final Demonstration for the SST FX tradesystem taking place tomorrow morning (Tues the 8th), I thought I would share with you the video walk thru of today’s EURUSD trade session that was posted in the private members club website.

As you should all know, forex markets are decentralized, meaning that different brokers offer different quotes.  Two MT4 platforms trading through different brokers will price their forex markets differently. Tradestation and Ninja Trader, too.  The SST will react to the chart it is placed on, so the important thing is to just trade your charts.  Today the Oanda MT4 trades might be different or even outperform the Tradestation chart with the exact same market and timeframe.  Tomorrow, it could be TS that outperforms the same Oanda MT4 chart.  Ultimately, the system is going to work on any of these charts, regardless of the price variations and it will all smooth out over time, trade after trade after trade.  There’s nothing you can really do.  That’s just the nature of a decentralized market.  It’s the wild west out there. 

This video is a recap of today’s EURUSD 5 minute chart using Oanda’s new MT4 platform.  (It should be noted that even futures, which IS a centralized market, could vary a little bit, especially with tick charts, from broker to broker.) 

This is a video I put on the SST FX private Owner’s Club but I thought I would share it with you here to give you an idea of what it is like to trade in this style, that is, a la SST.   After reviewing the video, take a look at the Tradestation screenshots of the same chart and tradeplan.   They were both winning sessions but notice the difference in the outcome.

Play EURUSD Video

Tradestation Euro EURUSD Session

Tradestation US EURUSD Session

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