EURUSD Gains +76 Pips to End Yesterday’s US Session — Thanks to Getting B.o.B.

After two breakeven trades yesterday, GetBob proves its merit again by delivering the one trade that made yesterday’s session a big winner.  If we had the benefit of hindsight, we would not have locked in our 1 pip protection when the price hit the first target level on both the first trade, a reversal, and then the addon trade that followed.  Both wound up hitting their full targets — eventually.  But when you’re on the right edge of the chart, we mustn’t forget one of the essential 7 summits, ‘capital preservation.’  The one pip lock-in has saved us from bigger losses numerous times too, and is part of the tradeplan that has been delivering the winning edge and long term steady profits.

The GetBob protected our positions and allowed us to catch the move anyway.  And, as it so often does, it delivered the final ‘full’ winner which we require for our Power of Quitting strategy.  As a result, we were able to end the session with +76 pips; two breakeven trades and one nice winner.  Later on, in the later part of the morning, there was another breakeven trade followed by yet another GetBob full winner!

See Yesterday’s EURUSD US Session; + 76 pips

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