EURUSD Gains +142 Pips on NFP Day and Ends Week Strong

The Dawg Days of August are definitely upon us, yet after a slow start to the week, we finished last week’s EURUSD Session on a very strong note.  It only took 4 trades, 2 on Thurs and 2 on Friday to finish with +136 pips for the week.

  • Thursday we gained +102 pips with one winner and one Break Even Trade
  • Friday, after the big Non-Farm Payroll report came out, EURUSD rallied and we gained +147 pips on 2 trades.

Keep in mind, we did this with a 5 minute chart, using the plan we’ve been using for nearly 2 years.

Friday’s EURUSD Trades, US Session gains +147 pips

Notice how easy these trades look.  All SST Pro Trades look the same way.  The plus sign is your entry level.  The 3rd dot above it is where we exit half our position.  It is a target that the SST Pro Calculator ‘tunes’ to current market conditions to give us the BEST chance for success.  Notice also, the dynamic stop and how it quickly moves to cut risk.  When the price hits the first target level, the stop is set to move to lock in 1 pip to cover our spread costs and put us in a risk free position.  It then continues to trail as the trade progresses.  Like this, we can turn a normal 20 or 30 pip trade into a 100 pip trade, or more.

We trade to make money.  For us that means being flexible and willing to ‘take what the market wants to give us’ on any given session.  That’s what the SST Pro is designed to do.

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