EURUSD, EURJPY, Russell eMini, Crude Oil & Wheat Futures — All Winners Today, Again..

We typically trade 5 markets in our LIVE Traderoom with the SST; EURUSD, EURJPY, Russell eMini, Crude Oil Futures and Wheat Futures.  Trade results continue to be stellar.  Here’s a brief rundown of today’s action.

Russell eMini; 3 trades, all of which were winners. The first two were small partial winners but the 3rd trade hit our stopping goals for the day (power of quitting) and we ended the session up +6.3 points, near our record highs set two days ago.  We have amassed +321.2 points this year.

Crude Oil Futures; 2 trades, both full winners.  We quit with +1.37 points, $1,370 per our usual two position approach.  Despite a very difficult Monday, the our SST Crude Oil Tradeplan continues to prove its resiliency and continues to demonstrate how quickly it can recover from the occasional tough session.  We are already up +2.18 points on the week!

EURUSD; after a huge day yesterday, we managed to do pretty well today too.  Our first trade was a reversal long and that was the trade that rang the register for us.  We gained 57 pips after spread.  We added to the position when the SST indicated an increase in upward momentum and that trade didn’t quite get far enough so we stopped out at break even. We went for another long trade and again, didn’t quite get far enough so we broke even on that one too.  We were done after that and happy to quit with our winnings.  We are WAY up on the week with +304 pips going into tomorrow.

EURJPY; We took 3 trades.  The first trade was a small loss.  The SST dynamic stop mgt method clamped down on the risk and we exited with -7 pips per trade after spread costs.  The next trade reversed us to long and this was another homerun trade for us.  Not only did we hit the full target, and pick up even more with our trailing position, but we were alerted to an increase in upward price momentum and traders were able to add to their positions for another full target and nice trailer.  Many traders quit after that sequence with an excellent +117 pip day.  Other traders stuck with the tradeplan and took another trade which also was a full winner adding another +60 pips for a net result on the session of +155 pips.  This was the 2nd session in a row where we gained over +200 pips with our forex daytrades in the live traderoom.

Wheat Futures; Last but definitely NOT least, Wheat Futures continue their amazing session winning streak, delivering two out of three winners and another positive session.  Our tradeplan won +6 points today and is up +17.5 on the week so far.  At $50 per point, many SST Traders have made Wheat Futures their second tradeplan to compliment either Crude or the Russell eMini.  We are usually finished in a matter of minutes.  Today was no different.  We ended in 14 minutes today.

There are so many big winning stock trades that just finished but I just have’t been able to recap them yet.  If you are curious though, I do cover them in detail in the LIVE Traderoom.  If you have not heard, you can now get a free two week look at the SST and trade right along with us.  See for yourself what you have been reading here on this blog.  No risk to you!  Open up your sim account and trade right along with us.  The SST is for real.  We put it on the line, in real time, at the right edge of our charts, each and every session.  Come join us for a free look!



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