EURUSD Ends the Week on a Strong Note; Up + 219 pips

Using our signature SST FX EURUSD 5 minute tradeplan, we finished up a respectable +219 pips in our LIVE Traderoom this week with very controlled trading.  Actually, it could have been quite a bit more but I decided to play it conservative and limit our trading yesterday, due to the Bernanke testimony.  We had already booked a nicely profitable week and had just finished another winner, so I decided to sit on our ‘one and done’ session and close the week with +219.  Considering that we have already booked over +1000 pips this month, it seemed like a good idea.  In fact, since I started logging all the trades we take in my UTA sheet this past July 29th, we are boasting +1021 pips with just 53 trades!

Those of you who know me by now, know that I have been meticulously tracking our Russell eMini tradeplan since the first day I started calling it live with the soon to be named SST back in April of 2010.  Since then, I’ve done a lot of testing and created a whole bunch of tradeplans for various markets and timeframes.  One of the earlier ones was the EURUSD 5 minute chart and to this day it is still doing great.  In fact, now that I’ve been manually entering the trades from our LIVE Traderoom into the UTA, I am amazed at what I am seeing.  It is performing even better than my developer test results have revealed. 

Check this out:

  • +1021 pips; 53 trades so far in August
  • Profit Factor: 3.74 (this is excellent)
  • Ave $ won / Ave $ lost: 1.60 !!  (this is excellent)
  • Winning Percentage: 77.36%  (for a daytrade, this is excellent)
  • Expectation Table:  1.02 (this is excellent; the UTA has a very unique table that tells us if we can ‘expect’ our tradeplan to profit in the future.  It is color coded red, yellow and green.  A number that falls in the middle of the yellow is quite good and will make a ton of money.  Our TF and CL tradeplans have fallen firmly in the yellow for thousands of trades and are ringing the cash register, big time.  But this EURUSD number is even better.  So far, with the trades I’ve posted so far in the UTA, the 1.02 number is firmly in the GREEN!!  This is fantastic!!)
  • Equity Curve for August (includes first day of LIVE Signal Service July 29th); notice the very small drawdowns which is due to the very spirit of the SST FX — to cut and eliminate risk as quickly as possible on every trade.

What I love about this tradeplan is that it is so simple and it uses a 5 minute chart so it can easily be traded with the MT4 platform.  It produces a few good trades per day and has really stood the test of time.  Obviously, there are so many choices to trade, and many other excellent SST FX choices, both daytrade and swingtrade charts.

See Yesterday’s EURUSD Session that grabbed us +38 pips and led to our +219 pip week.  Check out the trades that followed too.  When the markets are moving, this is the tradeplan you want to go with.  Low spread costs are paramount to a successful forex daytrade plan which is what we love about the EURUSD.  Combined with the SST FX’s strong performance, we’ve got ourselves one of the best kept trading secrets out there!  Best of all, YOU can be trading the EURUSD right along with us each and every day!

The Russell eMini ended another strong week as well.  Up +22.5 points; + $2,250.  We would have ended even stronger but we lowered our expectations and quit the session early, again, due to Bernanke.  Had we kept trading though, we would have ended much higher for the week.  As I said earlier, I was happy to sit on our huge weekly gains and roll into the weekend happy.  New Equity highs again for the week, by the way, as we broke through the +350 point milestone as we continue along our way to the big +400.

Crude Oil Futures also ended with another respectable weekly gain of +1.70; $1,700

And last but certainly not least, our Wheat futures ended another strong week as well, up +29.5 Points; + $1,475.  Amazingly, we took only 10 trades and only lost one!

Come join us for a free two week trial and trade the Russell, Crude, Wheat and the EURUSD in real time as we call out the trades live, each and every day.



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