EURUSD Ends Nicely Positive Today, as did Many Other Markets

EURUSD Gains a nifty + 31 pips in 45 minutes.  Traders who continued to trade after our Traderoom Session goals were reached, were able to pick up an additional +120 pips.  Today, there were lots of winners across many different markets.  Some of the highlight markets that ended nicely positive today include:

Russell eMini; + 3.1 points and all new profit levels.  The Russell has been on a multi session winning streak now for quite some time.

Crude Oil Futures, Silver Futures, Wheat Futures and many other markets were also very positive today.  Many forex daytrade charts were very positive too, including two of our other favorites, GBPUSD and EURJPY. 

See EURUSD trades from today’s US Session, Tradestation

Same EURUSD Trades Shown on MT4

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