EURUSD Hits New Record Profit Levels Today; + 2814 Pips with No End in Sight

The EURUSD, using our tried and true 5 Minute Chart Daytrade Plan with the SST finished Quadruple Witching today, up + 48 pips — or more, if you were using MT4 with Oanda.  Like yesterday, this video walks through today’s trades comparing and discussing the difference between two chart and data providers, Tradestation and Oanda with MT4.  I like comparing the two because they both use Eastern Standard Time and the setups line up, except for the slight nuanced differences in price quotes.  That’s the thing about forex, as you know.  It is decentralized.

If you’re trading this durable tradeplan then it doesn’t really matter.  Just trade the setups as they appear on YOUR chart.

Check out how we did so well today, despite the ever volatile and unpredictable year ending quadruple witching Friday.

Play EURUSD Video

It’s not too late to get the SST in a very affordable end of year special offer.  You can begin trading this rock solid tradeplan with the EURUSD, along with so many other great step by step tradeplans including:

  • The Russell eMini, close to hitting + 500 points for the year and all time record profit levels
  • Crude Oil Futures (also at all time record profit levels which I’ll show on a subsequent video)
  • Wheat Futures, which is the perfect 30 minutes per day tradeplan
  • So many other great swingtrade opportunities with various forex, stocks, ETFs and options tradeplans (gold, silver, cable, tons of stock and etf names, etc.) 

What are you waiting for?  We’re offering a NO RISK 45 day no questions asked money back guarantee.  That’s because we already know how much you’re going to love trading — SST Style, and the thorough ‘make sure you understand everything and will master the easy system’ training that comes with it!! 

Begin 2012 on a profitable track!  The markets are providing us with amazing tradeable action each and every day and this new year will reflect a lot of tumultuous happenings in the world which in turn, will translate into that cash register ringing sound, which has become the music to so many SST Trader’s ears.

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