EURJPY Gains +39 pips; Called Today Live During the Demo Session

The EURJPY is one of my favorite day trading forex pairs.  It is so explosive and will do well during the Euro Time Zone, the US Time Zone when I prefer to trading it (being on the West Coast) and one might want to explore it further during the Asian Session as well, although that tends to be a slower session, for the most part.  Here’s a chart showing the trade that we called live today during our SST Demo Session.

Click on this chart to see today’s Live EURJPY trade.

We looked at some other charts too.  The Dow eMini had a nice session.  The first trade got us to a risk free position rather quickly and stopped out with a 1 tick gain to cover our commission.  The 2nd trade hit full target with position one, but then pulled back hard.  Our 3 bar stop had us getting out with our 2nd position.  All in all, we picked up +41 points on that one and ended with our Power of Quitting strategy, two wins and a positive result.  Tight and controlled trading is what it is all about and that’s how we approach each and every trade session.

Click on this chart to see today’s Live Dow eMini (YM) trades.

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