EURJPY Euro Session Picks Up +71 pips…

The EURJPY is one of the most explosive forex crosses and the pip spread is very low, usually around 3 pips or so, making it an excellent day trading pair.  We call this live in our Live Trade Room every day during the US Session and have had incredible results.  We recently posted a +300 point US session.

But check out what we find during the Euro Session.  Here’s a screen shot of today’s action.  The NetPicks goal setting strategy, the Power of Quitting, picked up +71 pips.  The entire session produced  quite a bit more though and given the strong winning percentage we are seeing, a modified power of quitting strategy just might be justified.

While we do provide tight and concise tradeplans in our SST Owner’s Club, we do encourage each trader to roll up their sleeves and do their own homework.  By going the extra mile you can really learn how to make the SST your own and be richly rewarded above and beyond, as a result.

Check out today’s action on the explosive EURJPY forex chart during the Euro session

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