EURJPY 233 Tick Chart Consistently Handing Over Profits..

I don’t write about the EURJPY 233 tick chart because I realize we have a lot of MT4 traders who can’t trade tick charts.  But every now and then I like to circle back around and review one of its sessions.  This is one of the original forex charts that helped create the SST and after nearly 1.5 years of trading it, every day in the live traderoom in fact, it continues to perform on a consistent basis.  This can be traded both during the European and US sessions. 

For the US session, we begin at 8:30 am, est.  We trade for two winners, one of them being a ‘full target’ winner, and then we quit for the session.  We call this dynamic goal setting strategy, the ‘Power of Quitting’ and it has really transformed our trading.  If you really contemplate it (and experience it for a while) you’ll soon understand why we call it the POWER of Quitting, ‘power’ being the operative word. 

Today, the EURJPY gave us two easy winners.  Our new GetBob trade setup helped get us there, delivering the full target winner and our poq goals.  We ended with a modest + 33 pips after spread in a little under 1.5 hours.  Other sessions, we’ve been able to get triple digit gains.  The Power of Quitting dynamically will ‘give us’ what the ‘market wants to give us’ while ‘allowing us to quit positive on most sessions.’  Now that’s power!

EURJPY Trades; US Session grabs + 33 pips

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