Dow eMini Daytrade Plan Finally Ready, and Posted to the SST Owner’s Club

At last, the long awaited for Dow eMini tradeplan is available to SST members.  This tradeplan has been in the lab for quite some time and at last, we feel it is ready for prime time.  Its debut today proved to be worthy of a new SST tradeplan as well, winning 4 out of 4 trades for + 52 Points.

The Dow eMini is a perfect starting market for anyone who wants to learn to trade or who wants to trade a futures trade account with minimal capital available.  At $5 per point, this would be a good choice.  And now, with a new tradeplan that has proven to be a very effective approach, it has never been a better time to become an SST Trader. 

Hurry while the amazing payment plan is still available.  Today’s Dow eMini trade session would have practically paid for the first month already!!

See Dow eMini (YM) Trades Today for + 52 Points

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