Diversify Your Trading, Watch Your Profits Steadily GROW

  • Diversify Your Trading to Stabilize Your Equity Growth
  • Very Little Time Requirement — In fact, we INSIST you only check your charts once per day!!
  • Powerful and Profitable Tradeplans
  • US Oil
  • Single Countries like Russia
  • Lots of great ETFs in our End of Day Portfolio of Tradeplans

Once a day, then Outta the Way!  I think I’m going to adopt that line as my new slogan.  Why not?  There are so many virtues to spending as little time as possible in front of my charts while also, removing myself, the emotional human being, from the equation.  Let’s face it, humans are just not wired to be effective traders.  What better way to neutralize that by just swingtrading end of day charts?  Best of all, you can completely control your position size with the number of shares (or options, which is even better) you put on each trade, based on your available capital and responsible risk levels.  Easy peasy!

Our collection of End of Day Charts Continues to Expand.  Today, I added a very powerful tradeplan for taking advantage of the huge moves in the Oil Market, with the US Oil ETF.  This tradeplan has won 80% of its trades over the past 5 years.  Check out the performance report and equity curve.

Report 1


Talk about diversity, we also added a super profitable end of day tradeplan for trading Russia.  We’re going to be expanding on the single country tradeplans shortly.  This one was so good, I wanted to get it on the SST Owner’s Club Site right away.  Check it out.



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