Demo of My System (the Seven Summits Trader Forex)

Hey guys, here’s just a short video I recorded in response to the questions I’ve been getting about the system I personally use. As you can tell from the blog title, it’s called the Seven Summits Trader 🙂

I did co-develop the system so take a peek if you’re looking for a bang-up Forex system (or your current one isn’t working so well). Shout with questions and don’t forget to get your logins for next Thursday’s Live Demo (it’s February 24th at 12pm EST).

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3 Responses to Demo of My System (the Seven Summits Trader Forex)

  1. Robert A. says:

    The seven summits trader looks exactly like what I have been searching for. I love the FOREX for the fast and quick swings, the ability to profit in hours instead of weeks, and this system looks like it would be a great fit for me. I tried to do the range bar thing on metatrader and it doesn’t look anywhere near as good. Seems I need the SST template, wish I had that! Looking forward to learning more on the 24th!

  2. Jacob Ben-Arie says:

    Is there an option to make another/the session at 2PM EST so it would be reasonable to attend form Austrlia due to the time difference


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