Crude Oil Scores Big Over the Past Two Sessions!

There are so many ways we can trade Crude Futures with the SST.  We like a 377 tic chart but there are other options too.  The 377 however, has produced steady results now for many months.  Looking at the two most current sessions, yesterday and today, our Power of Quitting strategy with 2 wins and a positive result ended great.  Yesterday, the first two trades were winners, grabbing .99, or $990 in about 40 minutes.  Anyone going with a more robust quitting strategy would have grabbed three more consecutive winners and another $1000 in profit with our standard two position approach.

Then, same thing today.  It took a few more trades to get there today, but the result was just as happy.  After two hours of trading, SST picked up about $1.65 in profits; $1,650!  What a nice start to the week.  Check out this video for the recap.

*** Click Here to Watch ***

For tomorrow’s trading, we’ll approach the market a bit different.  It’s crude inventory tomorrow.  We like taking the first trade of the day, and then standing down until 2 minutes after the release.  We’ve been getting excellent results with that approach.  Remember, a tight and concise trade plan is one of the Seven Summits to successful trading.  Be creative but then be disciplined with your approach.  Trade the best times and go for a dynamic goal setting strategy like the NetPicks’ Power of Quitting, or a well tested variation of the theme.  You’ll keep your account moving forward while being in the best position to take what the market wants to give you.

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