Crude Oil Posts Huge Numbers this Week; New Profit Levels

We’ve been trading the Crude Oil 377 tick chart since August on 2010 but it wasn’t until August 2011, that I began officially keeping track of the trades.  As you’ve probably heard me write or talk about, every now and then we get a real tough session or two.  That happened last Friday and Monday.  What we typically see afterwards though is a fast recovery and new profit levels.  That happened this week, as well.  In fact, on Wed, we were given an early Xmas present from the Trade Gods.  Our first trade of the day grabbed us +1.18, which is $1,180 in profits and more advanced SST Traders made the minor key level adjustment for another .40 in profits, + 1.58.

The question is, do you keep trading and fight for your power of quitting, or do you take the gift and call it a day.  In short, take it!!  At least, that’s my feeling on the subject.  It’s true that the next trade could be another winner and sticking with the plan is the always fine, and probably even the best solution, long term.  But we don’t see these huge trades every day and the other very possible outcome is that you will endure some losses prior to picking up the 2nd winner and you’ll end up working a whole lot harder for a result that might not be as good.

Play Video to See the Crude Oil Trade

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