Crude Oil Futures Gain $1520 in 17 Minutes Today; Russell eMini Fights Back for Strong Finish

Today, during our Live Session, our Crude Oil Trading, using our 377 tick chart tradeplan, gained +1.52 with our first trade of the day.  Many traders were content to quit for the session after that.  Who could blame them?  Seventeen minutes of trading!  

Crude Oil Trade

Meanwhile, the Russell eMini required a bit more work today.  Our tried and true tradeplan, live since last April of 2010 and now boasting over 1600 live trades, won the day as it usually does.  After last week’s record breaking close for us, when we ended the week at our current, all time profit levels, Russell eMini to a step back on Monday and Tuesday.  Since then, it has begun it’s typical ‘two steps forward’ posting over +10 points over the last two sessions.  We are currently a mere stone’s throw away again, from making new record profit levels again.  Any doubters in the house? 

Today’s session gave us two home run trades, one of which gained +7.7 points and the other gaining +5.3. 

See Today’s Final Russell eMini Trade; The Russell eMini, after a slow start, ended the session up, + 6.8 Points for + $680.

We traded through bumpy early start, but that’s why we have a tradeplan that we trade with confidence.  Staying with it, typically results in a happy ending and the equity curve is steadily demonstrating that fact for nearly 13 straight months now.  Here are some stats to sink your teeth into:

  • Not counting this week, since it hasn’t finished yet, we have traded the Russell eMini live for 70 stragith weeks now.  We have ended with a positive result 54 of those 70 weeks for a 77% weekly winning percentage.
  • We have traded for 13 months (not counting this month) and have ended with a positive result 12 out of 13 months. 
  • We have traded 340 sessions as of this post, and have won a solid 76% of our sessions!

The Russell eMini is one of our ‘proxy’ markets.  We have found that if ‘it’ works on the Russell eMini, it will work on many other markets too.  And that is exactly what we have discovered since going live with the SST.  This is a very powerful and profitable trade system.  It can not go out of fashion.  Why?  Because it is based on pure price action.  As long as the market is moving, the SST is going to work.  We teach you the reason behind this ‘magic’ trade system AND how to trade with it once you become an SST Member.  You can own this system and arm yourself with the knowledge of how to trade with it.  Register for this Monday’s Live Demo and join the SST Family. 

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Forex traders also ended with a very happy ending today, yet again.  A couple examples for you: 

  • The EURUSD 5 minute chart was amazing, getting us to our goals with just two trades.  Whether you are using MT4, Tradestation, eSignal or Ninja Trader, you would have ended with a very positive result.
  • EURJPY 233 Tick (one of our oldest forex SST Tradeplans) ended positive today too.  + 39 Pips
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