Crude Oil Futures During the European Session; Very Profitable with SST Simple (SSTS)

Most people think of trading crude oil futures during the US Session and for good reason.  We have been collecting huge profits on a regular basis for over a year now with the SST.  In fact, we are trading it live every day in our LIVE Signal Service/SST Training Room and it has continued to perform brilliantly.  In August alone we took in over $11.33, which is $11,330, and already in September we are up +3.53, another $3,530!!  It’s been doing this since the SST first hit the streets last August, 2010!  How’s that for consistent performance.

But there are so many traders on the other side of the world who also have a huge opportunity to profit from Crude Oil Futures during the European Session.   This time, the SST Simple (SSTS) is the answer.  This is one of those hidden little gems tucked away inside of the SST Private Owner’s Club, quietely seated under the SSTS category.  Who would have thought that a CL 2 minute chart would be so profitable during the overseas session?  We typically use dynamic charts with our futures trading (tick, range, etc) but in this case, the 2 minute chart does the trick.  The tradeplan calls for being able to trade it beginning at midnight (est), which is 5 am gmt, but I actually think I like it better beginning a couple hours later, at 2 am est.  Some of the trades prior to that are very small due to the nature of the time based chart.

Check out today’s action.  An easy power of quitting result with a nice 3rd trade to boot, if the 1st trade was too small.  European SST Members can profit from the crude oil futures markets early on (7am gmt to 10 or 11 am) and then get on with their day, much like we do in the US.  Get in, get out, get done!  Daytrading futures does have its benefits..  Best thing of all is that the SST Simple is so, well..  SIMPLE!  And extremely affordable.  Today’s session actually paid for the entire strategy!! 

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