Challenging Market; Lots of Learning Points; GetBob Delivers Again

It’s always a challenge the day after a major move in the market.  Yesterday the US markets rallied in a big way on light volume, during a semi-holiday session (US Banks and Bond Markets were closed).  So I knew going into today’s session that we were in for some challenges.

I decided to record a couple of videos recapping some of what we did today.  There were several good learning points which are pointed out. 

See if your SSTS trades (SST Simple) “Cut the Mustard.”  One of our SST Members came up with an excellent suggestion which is explained on this video.  Also, some other important considerations and spur of the moment decisions that we had to make which contributed to a very successful session.   Check it out here.. 

Play Today’s Forex Video

GetBob also, once again, came through in a big way.  The 2nd video continues with some other good learning points; nuanced key level adjustments, using the yellow trade setup as an add-on (when it’s permissable), and some GetBob Results from some of our favorite markets.

Play Second Video


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