Introducing the Seven Summits Trader Trading System…

Introducing the Seven Summits Trader trading system.

Not only are we seeing profits that we’ve never seen before, across multiple markets and timeframes, but it is also so easy to learn. There are just a few basic rules and a few custom indicators that work together to produce a highly effective, high percentage winning trade methodology.

This video will introduce two of the powerful indicators that drive the SST. We’ll take a look at a forex trade that produced over 300 pips in just a few day trades. These trades are not uncommon. The SST gets you in at the right time and keeps you in with its trailing stop capabilities until it’s time to exit. Check it out:

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6 Responses to Introducing the Seven Summits Trader Trading System…

  1. James Lones says:

    8-10 2010
    I have just loaded the DynamicProfitGenertor today and I love the idea of how it work but I can not get it to work with my trading I do forex only mini contracts at $1.00 a pip. I think my trouble is ” Value Per Point” and 1 Tick/Pip. Unless I misunderstand in forex the “VPP” would be the same as 1T/P. If i enter VperP at $1.00 and the 1T/P at $1.00
    on a short trade
    price 1= 1.5904
    price 2= 1.5773
    price3= 1.5824
    entry= 1.579 —- this look about right
    BE Level= 1.576 —-? maybe right
    Target= 1.569 —– should be about right
    Stop= 2.582 —– way over 100 points
    Diff = .001
    profit= 0.01
    Can you help me with this? What am i doing wrong? I have tryed diffent numbers in the “VPP” and “1T/P and they do not help.
    James Lones

    • CoachTJ says:

      James, the value per point should be to the whole number and the 1 Tick/Pip should be the minimum price movement. For forex, typically that would be .0001 or even .01 for jpy crosses for example. When you divide the 1Tick/pip into the Value per Point, it should give you the $ amount (if using USD as your currency) per pip. So for example, a mini lot for the EURUSD would be 10,000 in the Value per point. When you multiply .0001 into 10,000 it would equal $1. Make sense? Here’s a supplemental video that explains it further, supplemental DPG calc training.

  2. Chuck Parrino says:

    Could not get the DPG to download…keep getting error messages.

    • CoachTJ says:

      Chuck, have you resolved your issue? I haven’t heard of anyone else having a problem downloading the program. Just make sure you extract the files once the download comes in and you should be good to go.

  3. G.E. says:

    How is SST different from UST and HVMM?

    I am loking forward to additional info on this>

    Will uxisting Netpick owners get advanced notice and better pricing on this new system?

    • CoachTJ says:

      Thanks for your question. The SST is different in many ways. It provides trailing stop and scaling in and out aspects to the trade strategy. It has a different cadence altogether as far as how it responds to changing market conditions. It has some similarities too. It is dynamically self-adjusting and it has the entire trade printed right on the chart. The SST calculator is far more capable though, then any of the other systems. It tracks the trade and allows you to implement some powerful custom trailing stop tactics, amongst some other powerful tools. Keep exposing yourself to it with the posts that go up on this site and you’ll learn more and more about it. Understand this though. The SST is not meant to take anything away form HVMM, UMT, UST, etc. Those are still very effective powerful trade systems. We just believe that we’ve made some major breakthroughs with SST and we feel it is the best thing we’ve come out with yet. And YES, Netpicks always takes care of its membership and will be offering ‘family discounts’ to it’s prior members.

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