Brand New Tradeplan for the SPY was Posted Today on the SST Owner’s Club

SST Membership definitely has its advantages.  We are made up of a group of some excellent traders.  Members are able to join us in the live traderoom and continue to enjoy our long term winning track record along with the necessary repetitions to really master the SST strategy. 

Moreover, we are always researching and testing for new ideas.  While working on some new daytrade tradeplans, I happened upon this one, which isn’t a daytrade plan at all.  It’s an end of day chart and a very robust swingtrade plan. 

Trading S & P futures is a difficult thing to succeed at.  One can certainly take advantage of that dynamic market with other instruments however, and probably have a much higher likelihood of success.  The SPY etf is such an instrument.  While working on an S&P eMini daytrade plan, I wound up instead, creating an SPY swingtrade plan, and it outta sight!  I can’t wait to take the next trade.


Well, for a few reasons.  First of all, I can get great leverage with very small risk, trading simple calls and puts by using the trade setups that appear right on the SPY Daily chart.  I only need to check my chart once a day!  How easy is that?

Second, because the results over the past 5 years are quite excellent.  81% winning percentage, this SST tradeplan produced over $265 per share in profits using the standard 2 position SST approach.

I took a very successful ‘SST Simple’ tradeplan, which is winning over 70%, and created a hybrid SST/SST Simple tradeplan while also incorporating some of the new powertools that the SST Pro brings to the table.  The result was an 11% improvement to the win/loss ratio.  That’s huge!  70% is already fantastic.  But 81%? 

That’s why I can’t wait.  What’s more, is that over the last 5 years, 130 trades, this tradeplan had an 18 trade winning streak.  It also had a 12 trade streak, THREE 10 trade winning streaks, etc, etc..  Guess what the worst losing streak was.


That’s right.  It never was able to put together a 3 trade losing streak (that’s a good thing) or worse.

5 Year Equity Curve of new SPY end of day tradeplan (Backtest results)


The SST Pro is still very new.  We are just beginning to get our feet wet with the newly formed calculator and the tremendous set of power tools it arms us with.  SST Members have a lot to look forward to.

There has never been a better time to join our membership.  We offer more than anyone else out there.  Just look over the history by randomly checking out the posts on this very blog over the past 18 months or so. 

The trend is clearly up and to the right, as is the continuing growth of our trade accounts’ equity.

If you’re in Europe (or would like to plan a trip), please join me at the Technical Analysis Expo in Paris this March.  I’ll be presenting the SST in person and will of course, have a few surprises up my sleeve, as is the NetPicks way.  Can’t wait.  Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the date (March 23rd and 24th).

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