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FYI, less than 24 hour countdown til release the Seven Summits Trader Registration page *and* announce the winner of the SST Facebook Contest!

I’m jumpin’ in anticipation to let loose the registration links so you can get started with the Seven Summits Trader. It literally takes a moment to install, 3 setups to corner nearly any market and you’re off like a race horse.

Like to be proactive? I knew that’s why I liked you! Bookmark the page below and check back tomorrow morning for SST Registration Links & Facebook Winner:

I sent you some of the latest results yesterday but I just had to repeat, the Russell eMini is on a tear! We’re on a 4-session winning streak grabbing $1,710 since Wednesday of last week… and we’re just 6 points away from our time highs since April 2010. Never traded the Russell? You’re in for a treat 🙂

Because we show you how it’s done, the system does 90% of the work for you and you can reap all the rewards without sweating the details.

The Seven Summits Trader is our most lucrative trading method we’ve ever seen and it flat-out PERFORMS across almost all markets – Forex, Futures, Stocks, Options, ETFS. Whether you day trade or swing trade, the SST will be your pilot, guiding you towards your financial goals.

Whether you’re happy making an extra $100 a month or an extra $1,000 – the Seven Summits Trader will put the odds in your favor everytime and always strive to put you in that no-risk position while you steadily grow your account from ‘chump change’ to retirement reserve.

If you’re ready to try something new, something simple and something *that works*, bookmark the following page and come back tomorrow morning, bright and early to get your spot in the next Seven Summits Trader class.
See you tomorrow?

Mark Soberman
Seven Summits Trader

P.S. The Facebook Contest winner will be announced on that same page in tomorrow’s video so just remember to bookmark and check back in the morning!

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