Big Forex Profits; EURUSD Gains +150 pips

Today was another brilliant end to a very strange session.  NO, a very strange week!  Rather than try to explain everything that happened in text, I recorded a short video that walks you through the setups and explains how and why we were able to grab a +150 pip trade in the EURUSD, + 75 pips in the EURJPY, a nifty +1.6 in the Russell eMini, which incidentally fought its way back from a deficit earlier this week, to end the week up by +6 points and all new equity profit levels, +.89 in Crude Oil (+ $890), and over +9 points in Wheat Futures.  Yeah.. all in one session!

This is why the SST is ‘all that’ and why it continues to deliver the goods, after nearly 2 years of service, every single day in the live markets.

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  1. JOE says:


    • CoachTJ says:

      Joe.. Absolutely, this is great for beginners. You can actually learn ‘best practices’ and develop the best habits from your very first step, which actually puts you at a big advantage, IF, you truly follow the pathway, step by step, as it is taught. Can you do that? I can’t say. Only you can. Grab a free two weeks in the traderoom at Sign up for the signal service.

  2. Al says:

    Hi TJ,Tried getting on to site , seems to be down. Take a peek and let me know what you think.Thanks

  3. Wayne says:

    Hey TJ,
    Can you review on the EURUSD 12/2/11 how you managed the 2nd position to not stop out at 10:20-10:25. At the close of 10:20 I have the trail at 1.34747 and price rose to 1.34764 on the next bar. Did you make a key-level adjust?

    • CoachTJ says:

      Wayne, thank you for your excellent question. This is one of the things that comes up in training and in the live traderoom on a fairly regular basis. The way we trail the trigger line (TL), is to trail the TL based on the ‘last bar to close BELOW the TL’ since this was a short trade. And we trail it by 2 pips AND any necessary key level adjustments around 5’s and 0’s. Make sense?

      At 10:20, the TL was at 34747, which rounds to 3475. So our stop would go to 3747, 2 pips above. The next bar had a high of 37476, and missed stopping out by .4 of a pip. I love the 5th digit for finessing my trades!

      The 10:25 bar did close below the trigger line, which at the time of its close was 34722. The stop would go to 3744, adjusted up to 3746. Just follow the chart down and you’ll see how we stayed in the trade. This IS the tradeplan and how we trade the eurusd each day.

      Please let me know if you have more questions.

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