Back from Vacation; SST Pro Going Strong with Excellent Summertime Profits

It was a great holiday but coming back was like beginning a whole new holiday all over again.  Trading can be so satisfying in its own right and that is exactly how it has been for us during my first two days back in the saddle.

I have yet to update my spreadsheets with the trades we typically take in the live traderoom these past few weeks.  I’ll be working on that little by little over the next several days.

Yesterday and today were excellent though with our main markets.  The Russell eMini has been on fire still, as we have seen this time of year since the SST went live.  Yesterday it won its first two trades, hitting our ‘power of quitting’ goals and ending the session in less than 30 minutes for a +6.2 points.  Today, it won its first two trades as well for +4.1.  Not a bad way to return to the business of trading after a wonderful vacation to the Caribbean.  +10.3 points in just 4 trades in two days.

Trading Crude Oil Futures was also like being on vacation.  Over the past 2 sessions, 4 trades for +1.64!  That’s $1,640 with just a brief session both yesterday and today.

The EURUSD, not to be outdone, won 4 out of 5 trades these past two days for a nice +128 pips in profit.

The SST Pro continues to rule the markets and will continue to do so.  Stay tuned for more.

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2 Responses to Back from Vacation; SST Pro Going Strong with Excellent Summertime Profits

  1. peter oltersdorf says:

    Hallo i’m new to this game . how do I get information about SST and what is it? I subscribed to face book. Now WHAT? I’m interested in end of day GBP/ usd, but also in daytrading 5 min.,havve to learn some thing s jet. So I can use all the INFO. I can get . Please let me know. Thank yoU

    • CoachTJ says:

      Hi Peter, Thank you for your questions. First of all, let me say that it is not a bad thing to be new at trading. Learning the correct way early on can save you a lot of money and heartache down the road and you won’t be in the position of having to unlearn a bunch of bad habits. To me, being new is a big positive. Make sure you are signed up for our webinar/release party tomorrow. That is your next step. I’ll be showing you all about the SST Pro, answering questions, etc. Definitely, some daytrading mixed in with swingtrading is a great way to go. Luckily with trading, you can learn how to master the techniques, without risking real money by utilizing real time simulation accounts. We’ll talk about that too, tomorrow.

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