Russell eMini, Crude Oil futures & Google Stock Soar

Russell eMini, Crude Oil futures & Google Stock Soar: It’s hard to know where to begin.  We’ve seen it all.  While the market was melting down, we were posting huge gains.  Today, with the market rocketing upwards, same thing.  Huge gains again!  SST gets you in at the right time and puts you in the best position to hit big gainers.

Today,  +5 points on the Russell emini.  Yesterday we did +4.9 on a day that ended the worst August in nearly ten years!

Crude Oil Futures is also kicking some serious butt!

We had huge gains today, winning the first trade of the day and then standing down until after the inventory report.  We then picked up 4 great trades, a break even, a partial profit and two full targets, one of which gave us an addon position that also hit its full target.  Incredible proftis on minimal trading.  Made 4 trades, no losses, we made +1.72 and were done by 11:30.  So we traded for one trade at 8:50, made $500 (see diagram).  Then came back and traded for another hour and made another $1220.  SST paid for itself in one session last Friday and has since paid for itself a few more times since.  Happy two days before our 1 week anniversary (and thanks again crude oil futures)!!  See First Trade of the Day on Crude today.

Here’s a gift.  Google is setting up a long trade.  The entry is 465.72.  It is targeting 498.89.  Win or lose, goog has been hitting nearly perfect with an 80% win rate over the past several months.

Members of the VIP Owner’s Club are getting swing trades as an added bonus.  In less than a week, we’re calling swing trades in AMZN, QQQQ, ADSK, AAPL and GOOG.

Forex traders you are not forgotten about.  Already, two very powerful tradeplans have been posted for two popular crosses on the Owner’s Club website.  Regardless of if you trade the S&P, EURJPY or Crude Oil futures you’re in great shape if you’re trading with us using the Seven Summits Trader 🙂

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