August Rings in Huge Gains; +229 Pips in one EURUSD Daytrade

What an amazing start to what is shaping up to be a very interesting week.  August is a month that many traders take off.  Markets tend to slow down and everyone needs a break once in a while.  But for us, August usually means big profits.  Last year, August was huge for us.  And today, August 1st, 2011, we are off to an excellent start.  Today in the LIVE Traderoom, using SST, we captured enormous gains.  Here are the highlights.

Our first trade of the day was a short on the EURJPY.  That trade was good for + 70 pips. 

See EURJPY Trade; + 70 pips

Shortly after that trade triggered in, we jumped onto a GetBob short trade in the EURUSD.  This turned into an amazing trade netting about +225 pips.  We’ll be going over the GetBob trade in great detail during this week’s Live Training Sessions, Thursday and Friday.

See EURUSD Trade; + 225 pips

We took Crude Oil trades today.  We ended winning two of them for triple digit gains, + 1.06 points for $1060.  We’ve amassed 2.46 points just in the last two sessions, winning 4 out of 5 trades for a whopping $2,460 just using the basic SST strategy.

See Today’s Crude Oil Trades; + 1.06 points

Finally, the Russell eMini gave us a cluster of amazing trades.  We started out with a small loss but then quickly hit the homerun (and then some) as we proceeded to win two in a row for a most excellent +16.2 points.  This, after finshing July with a 4 point session and a +60.8 point month!  Best of all, we were finished within 28 minutes of the market opening, for a very efficient and profitable session.  The Russell made all new record profit levels and we are now 26.5 points shy of the big +300 for the year.

See Today’s Russell Trades; + 16.2 points


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3 Responses to August Rings in Huge Gains; +229 Pips in one EURUSD Daytrade

  1. Peter says:

    Are all your trades using TICK Charts?
    What about us Metatrader Clients?

    • CoachTJ says:

      Peter, there are plenty of MT4 tradeplans. The EURUSD is a 5 minute chart actually. We do love tick charts but SST and SSTS have some excellent tradeplans with time based charts, specifically keeping our MT4 members in mind.

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