Apple (AAPL) Posts Another Huge Winner; Still Going, too..

Hopefully by now you can see how powerful it is swing trading stocks with SST as seen with the current Apple stock trade.

Apple continues to be one of our star performers.  The last AAPL trade gapped up beyond its full target and exiting the fixed position at the open would have resulted in + 11.7 points.  The trailer is zooming upwards and onwards and it could go for a long ways, or not.  Our trailing stop tool will guide us all along the way.  You can see the yellow dot following this trade as it progresses.  This trade was called before it happened in the SST VIP Club. The real story of course is what one could have made buying well-selected call options with this trade… 

I spoke with one trader that picked up some calls with the SST only to find that even when his trade was only 75% of the way to its full target, his call options had already gained over 30%!  Can you imagine what they’re worth now?  Seriously, one good trade can literally pay for an entire year of VIP SST membership and more. I’ve seen it personally so many times in my own trading but it’s awesome to hear that others are having the same results, too.

We all have seen how lucrative forex and futures trading is with SST.  So many people overlook the limitless opportunities with stocks and trading options using the SST signals on the underlying stock charts.  You can stack your IRA accounts with these types of trades and benefit in ways hopefully you are now beginning to perceive.

Apple Stock Chart

Grab your copy of the SST while it is still available.  New flexible payment plan just announced.  Get it now and you’ll be making trades like this Apple stock trade.

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    Pls direct me to how I can subscribe to the SST. Thanks,

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