Another Profitable Session; EURUSD Gains + 175 Pips Today!!

Today ended very strong on all our favorite markets.  Both the Russell eMini and Crude Oil finished quickly today, each tradeplan only requiring 2 and 3 trades respectively, to hit their session goals. 

Russell eMini; Ends today with two trades for + 5.7

Crude Oil Futures; 2 for 3; + .57 for $570.  Done in 33 Minutes

Forex traders also were quite profitable across the board.  The EURUSD for example, also got it done in 3 trades.  The first hit its full target and once the trailer stopped out, we were up by + 38 pips .  The 2nd trade took a bit longer to develop.  Our tight “get to break even” strategy stopped us out for a Break Even trade.  Thanks to the newest addition to the SST System, our “Get Back on Board” or “GetBob” trade, we were able to to just that, get back on board.  And what an amazing trade that turned into.  Easily the trade of the day as it gained + 137 Pips using our typical SST approach.

EURUSD; + 175 Pips

EURUSD MT4 Chart; Same exact trades

There were a lot of Get BoB trades today across lots of great trading markets.  As we teach in training, these trades are so powerful, I personally look to take every one I can.  In the traderoom today, I pointed out a GetBob trade on a stock symbol I follow and trade regularly, JPM.  It just concluded a basis SST short, hitting its full target.  The trailer stopped out but with price momentum still on the downside.  I grabbed a GetBob short, buying May 44 puts for only .84 each.  Imagine that.  I was able to control 100 shares of a stock valued at 43.77, which would have required $4377 outright, for only $84!  What a deal!!  Now that’s a good use of capital, no?  The same bar that triggered me into the trade hit its middle target where I unloaded a part of my position for 1.14, making a quick 36% profit on each option.  In pure classic SST style, I then moved my stop to lock in a small profit on the rest, for a risk free trade.  I’m looking to exit another part of my trade at the 3rd target, and then trail the remainder.  I’ll do a video on this trade later this weekend, where I will walk you through the details.  It was very easy.  I’ll also show some of the other GetBob trades that happened today along with some other stock/ETF options trades I’m involved with.

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