Another Hugely Successful SST Session Across the Board!

Oh.. Where to begin?  Profits, profits, profits..  It was crude oil inventory day which means members of our SST VIP Club were trading the specially designed crude oil tradeplan for ‘report’ day.  We took the first trade of the day which got to one tick of its full target.  We settled for a partial profit.  Then, we waited for the release of the report, as per the plan.  After waiting the designated amount of time, the first trade after the report was a full winner.  We were finished with our ‘Power of Quitting’ goals, quickly and simply.  We made .50 on the 2nd trade for $500.  Judging by how the first trade played out, traders should have exited with partial profits of about .17 for both positions for net profit of .84 on the session; + $840.

There were also numerous ‘GetBob’ trades, most of which were big winners.  Judging from the first 4 GetBob trades in Crude, traders who have signed up for the GetBob Mastery Series would have paid for the training 3 times over today, with just the 4 crude trades alone.  We also scored GetBob winners on Swiss Franc Futures, for an easy +14 ticks (1 position); $175 or + 24 Ticks (2 Positions, the trailer gained 10 ticks only); + $275.

The Russell eMini, which has been on a rip roaring winning streak since the beginning of April, breaking out to new all time equity high profit levels nearly every day, ended last week at equity high levels again, gaining over +15 points.  It struggled the past couple sessions, sliding into an unsurprising ‘one step back’ mode.  It climbed back today though, hitting its ‘Power of Quitting’ goals again in just two trades (including an add-on trade as part of the first), for a +3.7 gain.  Alert traders added to their positive results by taking advantage of a winning GetBob trade (possibly two, depending on who one managed the first) as well.  The Mastery Series Training takes part today.  This is closed to SST Members only

Forex Traders also enjoyed excellent profits today.  The EURUSD 5 minute chart gave us strong Power of Quitting Results in both the Euro and US sessions.  Our signature EURJPY 233 Tick plan gave us big winners in both sessions as well.  GBPUSD, wouldn’t be denied either.  It too ended both sessions significantly in the green!

There has never been a better time to Get on Board the SST.  If you’ve been following along, you should have a strong sense as to where we’ve come from with this amazing system, what we’re up to lately, and where we are going.  If you are new, or just discovering the SST, spend some time researching past posts on this blog and you’ll soon get the idea. 

Make sure you register for this Monday’s live demo.  You will want as much background as possible, including a live look during real market conditions, so that you are absolutely ready, once the SST Ultimate becomes available this same month.  It’s too late to get in on the special Mastery Series ‘GetBob’ training, as it is happening today.  But, if you get on board the SST when it opens up again this month, we may just make the powerful Get Back on Board (GetBob) Mastery Series available again to new members.

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  1. JOHNNIE NG says:

    I am not able to find “SAT” file in the template to download into EURUSD,M2 as shown in the video.
    Pls help.

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