Another Brilliant Day in of SST Trading in our Live SST Traderoom

The SST showed up to work today well rested from the weekend and ready to rock n roll.  And boy did it!  It’s hard to know what to point to or focus on today because there were so many great opportunities to be had, so I thought I would do a quick video and walk you through the trades we were taking.  There’s a little something for everyone in this video; forex, futures, stocks and options.

Play Video Part 1

Play Video Part 2

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2 Responses to Another Brilliant Day in of SST Trading in our Live SST Traderoom

  1. John says:

    Hi TJ-

    I was looking over many of the informative videos and postings on this blog. I was especially impressed by the 6-month Equity Curve posted for the Russell. Is it possible to also see the Equity Curve for the Crude Oil contract covering a long period of time? This market is the one I have traded in the past and would most likely focus on.



  2. CoachTJ says:

    Hi John.. Thanks for your comments. It is always great to know that someone is actually going back and looking at the history on this blog. it’s a big labor of love and a continuing work in progress. But isn’t that what successful trading is? That too is a continuing work in progress because as traders, we always have to take the next trade. 🙂

    I have lots of data posted in my UTA tool with crude trades. I have shared a lot of it over the years. At this point though, it is incomplete. I have been trying to get to it, so that I could update the tradeplan records but I just never seem to be able to get it done. For that reason, I continually share my TF results. If you look further back you’ll even find the results dating all the way back to April 2010. Crude Oil has also been a very consistent producer for us. The SST has been rock solid since the beginning with CL. I don’t want to present incomplete information but we do call Crude Oil trades live in the traderoom every day and it continues to post huge profits on most sessions. The tradeplan is very tight and concise. We do not deviate from it. I might suggest that you try a free 2 week trial and see for yourself how we trade it in the traderoom. While in the traderoom, I always talk about past results and perhaps in that environment I can share some past detail with you. I do plan on posting a thorough CL graph once I get up to date but of course, as each session passes, I fall a little further behind. I can tell you this though. Every now and then we have a losing session. But most of the time we quit very positive and the equity curve keeps going up and up.

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