Another BIG SST Day

New Signal Service traders received a real treat inside our LIVE Traderoom this morning as three of our favorite markets provided very pleasant and abundant welcoming gifts for a first time exposure.

First, we had a long trade on the EURUSD that triggered in and then just kept on going, hitting the full target for about +24 pips.  Our trailing position sweetened the deal though, keeping us in the trade for nearly an hour longer, and rewarding us for our patience.  We exited the 2nd part of our position with another +65 pips.  That one trade gave us +89 pips and we were done.

See EURUSD Trade

As good as that was, it was Crude Oil that really stole the show this morning.  We got short about 10 minutes after our stop time at 98.98.  We exited our first position at 95.74 for a +.24 profit, $240.  We utilized our SST Trailing Stop technique and skirted the razor’s edge all the way down to our ultimate exit at 95.06!  The trailer gave us an additional +.92, $920 for a $1,180 profit.  Waht a way to start our new service!  But that’s not the end of the story.  We quickly reversed into a long trade, which we got into, with a slightly adjusted entry, at 95.16.  We quickly exited the first part of this second trade at 95.28 for another +.12, $120.  A few bars later we exited our trailing stop at the same level, so all in all, the 2nd trade got us another +$240, for a +$1400 session!

See Crude Oil Future Trades

The Russell eMini was a bit more challenging but with some smart ‘tap dancing’ around some awkward news releases, and thanks in part to our ever dependable ‘GetBob’ trade, the Russell eMini ended very nicely, up + 4 points on the session, and although modest, another positive weekly result and all new profit levels again, despite a rough start, earlier this week.

For the week, we ended the Russell eMini up +5 points.  But, that is after gaining over +22 points the week before, and +19.8 points the week before that.  We ended the month of July with an astounding + 60.8 points and the ever growing equity continues to hit nose bleed levels.  We’ve got the big +300 point level in our site for 2011 and have left the big +700 point level in the dust for the lifetime of this strategy.  By the way, as good as July was for the Russell, it was following a pretty hard act from the prior month.  June ended even better; up + 69.6 points!  How long can this go on?  Who knows?  Who cares?  It keeps on keeping on and as long as it does, we’ll be riding this rocket ship to higher and higher profit levels.

Wheat futures also put on a show, going two for two and grabbing over 9 points.  We got a first sneak peak at that market today too and we’re looking forward to big things to come with this explosive and efficient tradeplan.

If YOU are not getting these results, then perhaps you should consider taking the next step towards becoming successful.  Enroll in this week’s Live Training Workshop!  The trades are there.  The tradeplans are there.  The SST keeps doing what it does — ringing the cash register.  Is it ringing yours?  If not, the best investment you can make is in yourself.  Get trained the proper way!  It’s money better used versus losing it in the markets when there are so many winning opportunities to be had.  Seats are still available.

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