Another Big Session for Forex Traders; EURUSD up + 81 pips

Today was a great session for forex traders with the EURUSD gaining +81 pips on two trades.  EJ also gained + 107 pips.  Check out the results below.

Click on the link for more details on how we’re doing in the LIVE Traderoom.

Today’s recap:

EURUSD; +81 pips after spread; yesterday + 39, Tuesday +46, Monday no trades

EURJPY; +46 pips from called trades.  SST Traders took an additional trade and ended the session with approximately +107 pips. 

The Russell eMini ended up +4.1 after a real roller coaster ride

Crude, also had a roller coaster ride ending up +.09, yesterday -1.19, Tuesday +1.89, Monday + 1.16

Wheat; no trades.  Yesterday we gained +8, Tuesday +5, Monday +1.25

There have also been a good amount of stock and etf swingtrades.  One notable trade I called a few days ago was a long in GLD, the SPDY Gold Trust ETF.  We bought Sep 171 calls when the price traded through our entry at 172.72.  We paid 5.70.  Today, GLD closed at 177.73 and we’ve moved our stops to 176.86 after exceeding our 2nd target.  Our options closed at +8.90, up 56% so far.  If you want to find out about the other stock positions we are or were in, you’ll need to check into the LIVE Traderoom.

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