Another Awesome SST Session; +15.2 Russell eMini Points!

We keep making new record profit levels and today was no different, not only with the Russell eMini but on just about all our markets.  The Russell eMini won all its trades today and ended the session up, +15.2 points ($1,520) and all new record profit levels again, +350.3 points for the year.  Yesterday we gained +4.4, day before that, +4.8 and Monday we gained +4.5.  Se we are up +28.9 points this week and that’s after gaining +19.1 the week before.  You get the idea.  Dawg Days of August?  Nahhh.. Not for us, anyway.

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Crude Oil also had a great day.  We took two trades.  Both trades were winners and we took our profits and quit.  The 2nd trade we did make a minor adjustment and wound up breaking even but the unadjusted system entry was a small winner which triggered our ‘power of quitting’ and so we stopped with an attractive +.74; $740.  We also hit all new profit levels since becoming a LIVE Traderoom Signal Service and are up +11.01 since July 29th; $11,010.

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EURUSD gained + 58 pips today.  We had to go through a few breakeven/small loss trades to get to our full winner and power of quitting goal, winning the final trade which was a GetBob setup.  Yesterday we had a similar result with a few breakeven trades and then a final winner, gaining + 65 pips.  Tuesday we gained + 60 pips and Monday we lost -2 pips.  We are up +181 pips this week.

EURJPY has been a bit choppy this week. Today we ended slightly positive, up + 8 pips.  We’re down -58 pips on the week, so far.

Wheat Futures are still winning.  Another amazing session today had us quitting with + 12.75 points.  Yesterday we ended mildly positive with + 1 point.  That’s how the Power of Quitting works.  It is dynamic.  It allows us to take what the market wants to give us while also empowering us to quit positive on most sessions. 

Come watch us trade the Russell eMini and all the above markets each and every day in our LIVE Traderoom.



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