Announcing the Release of our Brand New SST Dow eMini Tradeplan

We’ve had a lot of requests for a Dow eMini Tradeplan and I’m happy to announce, that early this week, we’ll be releasing a brand new daytrade plan for the Dow eMini (YM) in the SST Owner’s Club.  This effective tradeplan has shown excellent results over the past several hundred trades and we’re excited to share it with our membership. 

The Dow eMini is an excellent ‘starting’ market for those who want to enter the fast moving world of daytrading.  Daytrading IS a profitable endeavor IF you approach it with the upmost respect, meaning, you approach it with a very tight and concise TRADEPLAN.  The tradeplan that will be released early this week will include precise rules for:

  1. Start time
  2. End Time
  3. Daily Session Goals that are dynamic and self-tuning, allowing you to take what the market wants to give you while also allowing you to quit positive on most sessions.
  4. Tight and concise entries, targets and stops
  5. Tight Trade Management designed to put you in as many RISK FREE positions as possible
  6. The ability to trade multiple positions if desired, one to a pre-adjusted high percentage fixed target.  The other with a specially tuned trailing stop strategy.
  7. The ability to add to your position when trade momentum is increasing
  8. A brand new ‘extra’ setup, that allows you to take better advantage of the special RISK FREE scenario that the SST is famous for

The Dow eMini can be traded with a smaller trade account vs many other daytrade markets.  Each point is worth $5, which is the minimum price movement.  There are no ticks.  It’s a great market to learn the SST, hone your skills, increase your capital and then, decide to either stay with it, or, advance to some of the higher flying markets like the Russell eMini or Crude Oil Futures. 

Members of the SST already have numerous tradeplans on their private Owner’s Club website including daytrade and swingtrade plans for various forex, futures, stocks, ETFs and even options.  This new Dow eMini is a welcome addition and will be a new standout because of the unique $5 per point price increment.  It will make daytrading futures a more available and more viable trade choice for many new and intermediate traders.

There has never been a better time to become an SST Member.  Register your copy now, while it is still available.  Learn how to trade the Dow eMini amongst many other excellent trading markets and join the ranks of profitable SST Traders.  Best of all, the “SST Ultimate Package,” currently available, offers the private Owner’s Club as part of the deal, no reocurring charges!  Space is limited, so don’t delay.

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