A Volatile World Equals Volatile & Profitable Forex Trading

A volatile world does cause volatile and profitable forex trading.  Let’s face it.  The world has gone crazy, but then again, it always has been and probably always will be.  Of course this is what moves markets and as traders, we want to see price volatility, because that is what creates profitable trade opportunities for us.  Especially in the largest market on the planet, the Forex Market.

After nearly seven months of live, profitable SST trading, we’ve learned a few things.  We’ve learned new and better ways to take advantage of the wild swings in the price action as each currency continues to seek its true value and balance in the forex markets.  Naturally, that in itself is a process that will never end.  We can’t control what happens but we sure can pinpoint precise opportunities and profit from this ongoing dynamic. 

The SSTFX provides us with everything we need:

  • Precise entries, targets and stops that are ‘tuned in real time’ to take advantage of the current market condition and price action at the ‘right edge of the chart’ where we all live as traders
  • Trades that seek to aggressively cut risk and put us into a ‘risk free position’ as quickly as possible on every trade
  • Exact plan to follow for trade management and for maximum potential on each and every trade
  • Tight and concise tradeplans
  • The ability to apply the strategy on numerous FX pairs and timeframes
  • No guessing
  • No endless hours in front of the computer
  • Controlled, businesslike trading and trade decisions
  • Consistently profitable results by putting tremendous odds in our favor, on every single trade.

Last week is a great example of taking advantage of opportunities, choosing our moments and taking the best trades based on our experience with the SST and the tradeplans and rules that we follow, each and every day.  Here are a few examples of some of the trades that SST Traders were taking.  Whether you’re using MT4, Ninja Trader, eSignal or Tradestation, these SSTFX trades were real trades and available to whomever was prepared to take them.

This first example is of the US Session using a 5 minute EURUSD chart.  We begin trading at 8:30 est and look to get two winners AND a positive result.  Then we quit!!  This example shows a trade that we were able to short right at our session start time for + 34 pips after spread.  Then, we got a trade that actually reversed us to a long position.  First short and now long!  Price action is infinitely challenging so it is our job to ‘just facilitate our tradeplan and take the next trade.’ If we can do that, the SSTFX will put us on the profitable side of the forex markets.

You can see the arrow and the pink ‘+’ sign marking the long entry of our second trade.  That trade hit it’s primary target for + 13 pips but then, all the fun began.  We not only trailed our 2nd position for a + 77 pip gain, but we took advantage of the immediate price action and added to our position, gaining another + 97 pips!  All in all, this simple yet basic SST session grabbed a total of + 221 pips in this one session alone.  That’s a daytrade result!  Two trades with the opportunity to add to our position at precisely the right moment to take advantage of the current market condition AND get the most out of a hugely profitable move.  Two winners AND a positive pip count — we’re done for the day!

EURUSD; 5 Minute Chart gains + 221 pips during Wednesday’s US session (2/16)

It’s not all about winners, of course.  We lose trades too.  That’s just part of trading.  But we don’t fear our losing trades.  We have no control over price action.  No one does!  But, we DO have control over what trades we take and how we manage our trades.  The SSTFX puts the odds in our favor on every trade and as long as we take the next trade, according to our ‘tradeplan,’ we recover quickly and the winning trades deliver the goods, growing our account and pushing our equity curves higher and higher.

This second example shows a popular 6 pip range bar chart of the GBPUSD during Tuesday’s session (2/15).  This chart is a Tradestation example but with our MT4 Rangebar plug-in, this trade was available to MT4 traders as well.  Notice in this diagram the exact same theme as the EURUSD 5 minute chart example above.  This example is a Euro Session example.  It begins at 2 am est.  Notice how we had to navigate through some tough sideways price action.  This is common and happens each and every day.  Markets trend and consolidate.  But whether a trader made minor adjustments to avoid the first two losses as we teach in training, OR, just took the trades as they printed, didn’t matter!  The SSTFX recovers quickly no matter what, and in either case, the end result was extremely profitable.

GBPUSD; 6 pip Momentum Rangebar produces + 85 pips if quitting after 2 winners AND a positive result.  It started with 2 very controlled, small losses and then the profitable moves exploded in typical SSTFX fashion.  Traders that traded through the entire Euro Session (2 am to 5 am, est) were able to grab another spectacular trade, which added another + 108 pips!  Notice in this example, the same dynamic as in the above example.  The SSTFX identified the precise trades; entries, targets and dynamically adjusting stops that not only cut risk right away, but then continued to lock-in profits as the price continued to move in our favor.  MOREOVER, the SSTFX identified key strategic levels where we added to our position, resulting in even greater profits. 

As traders, we want to STRIKE when the opportunities present themselves.  Taking advantage of increasing price momentum is the BEST way to profit as a trader.  The trick is identifying WHEN that is and HOW to take advantage of those opportunities.  Thanks to the SSTFX, we no longer need to guess.  We KNOW exactly when those moments exist AND exactly how to trade them.

We certainly don’t wish misfortune on others and it is often sad to see the the volatility of the crazy world we live in.  All we can do is be the best that we can be and hope that by being so, we can improve the world in our own, small, individual way.  We are traders though!  And as such, we have to take advantage of the swings in the price action.  Volatility in the markets is profitable to SST Forex Traders so let’s feel fortunate that we can put ourselves in the position to take advantage of the trememendous opportunites afforded to us, and take the next trade.

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4 Responses to A Volatile World Equals Volatile & Profitable Forex Trading

  1. mike says:

    Do you trade as a managed account?

  2. Mark Murray says:

    Help! I have been trying to buy the sstfx system, and your website has been giving me the run around. I started trying before the first 50 places were gone, and now I still can’t make it work. Can I make it work by email?

    • CoachTJ says:

      Hey Mark,

      For some reason your email didn’t work. Let me know if you still need help with your SST FX order. I guess a lot of people hit the system all at the same time and for that reason, you were unable to get through. But I’ll make sure you get the bonuses. Just let me know. tjnoon@netpicks.com.

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