A Tortoise on Roller Skates? The SST will NOT be Stopped Trading the Russell eMini These Days..

Continuing from our last post, and I do apologize if I am boring you with too many Russell eMini posts, but I am traveling and this is MY preferred market these days so I am watching, tracking and even trading (while traveling) live this amazing run we are on.  It was only a short jump over the English Channel from London to Paris ago that I witnessed the +400 point level get blown away like a speeding Eurostar train.  We are already on our way to the big +500 Russell eMini Points!!  Yesterday, Coach Ron did a masterful job calling the Russell trades in our live training room picking up a cool +7.8 points, $780.  That was a good stopping point.  I utilize a slightly more strenuous “Power of Quitting” approach (that’s right, we actually employ a strategy that empowers us to QUIT trading each session with our profits locked and safely secured) that had me taking a couple more trades.  According to my tradeplan (something we’re big on here at Netpicks) I proceeded to trade, taking a small partial loss before a final +5.6 point trade that had me quitting with +11.7 points, $1170 for the session.  I LOVE double digit gaining sessions and they’ve become quite common lately with the Russell eMini.

You can check your charts if you’d like to compare notes.  Here are the trades that Ron called and then the two additional that followed, producing our record breaking profit levels again and a + 410.5 net points since April 5th!  By the way, if you recall, we were at 67.28% as a winning percentage at the time of the last post I wrote.  Since then, we’ve jumped up to 67.5% and with 803 trades, and each tick up is a significant event as it does take a lot to move this train’s direction even the slightest bit at this point.  That is a big testiment as to the stability of the SST and the Russell eMini.  We’ll be very vigilent though around the beginning of 2011 to see if it begins to misbehave as it did the past two years at that same time.

Nov 15th Russell Trades

Current Equity Curve (Getting into Nose Bleed territory)

Whether the Russell eMini misbehaves or not is really no concern to us SST traders.  There are SO MANY great markets to trade and the SST has been proving its robustness and reliability across a multitude of markets and timeframes.  Commodity traders are enjoying some amazingly profitable trading.  Everyone knows the historic move that gold has been on but have you looked at silver lately?  At $25 per tick, don’t salivate too much when you look at a recent chart.  Copper?  Platinum?  Wheat?  Natural Gas?  Crude Oil?  Soo many opportunities! 

Forex traders are picking off pips right and left on numerous markets, as well, day trading, swing trading..  Even long term position trades!  At the very moment that I am writing this post the pound/dollar just finished a beautiful short trade that picked up over +130 pips finishing a Euro session with nearly +200 pips in total — in less than 3 hours!  That’s classic SST and with the world changing at a break neck clip, nearly every day something significant happens, currency trading is a great place to be.

Today’s Cable Trades

But Stock traders may be enjoying the best trading of all.  The winning percentages and accuracy we are seeing with the SST has been amazing.  Some might call it historic but I’ll leave that for others to judge.  And the Team at Netpicks (for which I am proud to say that I am one of) has stepped to the plate and done it again, as we are about to deliver one of the final ingredients to any serious trader’s box of trader power tools; An Options Trading Course designed to take advantage of the kind of moves we have been seeing in the stock market.  One of the things that discourages many traders from trading stocks is the fact that you have to tie up too much captial to put on any significant position.  You just don’t get the leverage like you would with forex and futures.  Until now!  You CAN get the leverage you need while controlling your risk.  OPTIONS are where its at and we’re going to teach you exactly HOW to do it.

OPTIONS give you the leverage that make stock trading an absolute MUST.  The diversification you can arm yourself with is simply too compelling a reason to not be paying attention to the stock market.  We can really put our capital to work by using the uncanny power and accuracy of the SST and teaming it up with some super savvy and clever (and simple) options strategies.  For the first time, Netpicks will be disclosing these strategies so if you are an options trader OR if you want to become an options trader (very wise decision) then you will want to be on this Thursday’s webinar, beginning at 12 noon est.  Don’t miss it. 

One post down you can see how a very simple SST short play on Google (a stock far to expensive for most to mess with) captured a 140% return in two days with the simple trading of the right put options using the SST setup right on the chart itself.  EASY!  With options, you only commit pennies on the dollar to capture enormous gains like this one, common place.  And this is just a taste of what the best trading stocks have to offer, day in and day out.  Moreover, you will have a small window of opportunity to get your hands on the SST as well.  It is currently off the market but I heard that with the opening of the Options Training enrollment, Netpicks will be making the SST available as well, for a very brief opportune moment.  Don’t miss it!  Register now for Thursday’s Options Training Webinar and even if you are interested in trading the Russell eMini you will learn how to trade options against the ETF that actually tracks the Russell 2000; like I said, the opportunities are endless!

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