A Huge Session for the DAX; $4,937 during European Session, $4,100 during US Session

The DAX has been unstoppable lately.  Especially during the Euro session.  US session was great today but it has been pretty choppy lately.  The Euro session has been ‘steady as she goes’ though for quite some time.   Here’s a screen shot showing both sessions on the same chart.  We picked up 3,850 Euro which converts to $4,937 during the European session.  We picked up another 3,200 Euros during the US Session or $4,100.  Here’s a chart showing the trades as they happened.  Notice how the SST calculator clearly identifies the 3 Bar Stop.  Both trades took advantage of the scaling in powers of the SST. 

During the Euro Session, you can see the pink set up (reversal/counter trend trade) gets in first.  Then the cyan setup, gives us a chance to add to our position.  Both trades hit their full target and the 3 Bar Stop managed the trailers.

Then, right at the beginning of the US Session, the same thing happened but in reverse.  How often do we see this type of thing happening, especially with our more explosive markets?  A lot!  SST was it within its DNA to take advantage of these powerful market dynamics.  The addon didn’t quite get to its full target on the way down.  It missed by a mere 3 points.  Still though, the 3 Bar Stop again, managed the trade and og us out in the nick of time for an additional +24.5 DAX points per position.  Check it out.

Click on this chart to see the DAX setups described above

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