149 Pips on the GBPUSD, $1170 booked on Crude Oil…

Our love affair with the SST continues as it typically does, today producing huge gains on both the GBPUSD forex cross and one of our all time favorite futures markets, Crude Oil.

Both the Euro and US sessions were very profitable for us on multiple markets but we’re going to take a close look at our GBPUSD trades today.  Crude Oil also, making it seem way too easy, produced a huge $1170 gain on just two trades today, as we utilized our Wednesday Inventory Report specialized tradeplan.  Other markets did well too, including or other favorite signature market the Russell eMini.  But today’s videos are all about the GBPUSD and the powerful Crude Oil market.


Crude Oil

Learn more at our Release Webinar on Wednesday, December 15th:

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3 Responses to 149 Pips on the GBPUSD, $1170 booked on Crude Oil…

  1. Thorkild Nielsen says:

    Hey 7 Summits!
    A real great webinar to night so I am really impressed. I am using Meta Trader 4 (different brokers). However, soon it will be Mata Trader 5 instead. Is SST prepared for this? And is SST with both day and Swing trading? – the name of only Swing trading sliped by me (I am not interested in only Swing Trading).?
    Surely, after examine the whole Internet It seems that you have one of the few Forex (+ stocks etc) software’s that works and with very positive criticism. So sure after this great performing I am a potential customer. Did I get it right, during your performing, that there was something special for Meta Trader? You had Meta Trader on one of your PowerPoint’s with something special. I am sorry not to note it real, busy writhing the most important things you mentioned.
    Sincerely yours
    Thorkild Nielsen

    • CoachTJ says:

      We like to take our time with new platforms but once we see all the bugs have been worked out, I’m sure we will be making SST available. We do not recommend to our membership however, to be the ‘first’ one into new platforms. Let others do the beta testing. What we have now is already working great. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? That being said, we are aware of the need to keep up with progress, and we do.

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