1000 Russell eMini Points! We did it!

Today, we broke the big +1000 points level on the Russell eMini, ending with a strong +8.6 points and our 8th winning session in a row.  We actually ended with our lifetime highest profit level trading the Russell eMini with the SST, + 1000.8 pointsWe are up +53.7 for the year, $5,370,  and what’s more, we are winning at a full 2.7% higher rate than all of 2010 and 2011.  In the last 8 sessions we’re already up +14.2 points this week alone. 

That’s an exciting story for sure, but there is so much more to report.  Crude Oil also hit new lifetime profit levels today.  We ended our 4th winning session in a row, ending today with +.17.  For the week, we’re up +.92, $920, and have gained a whopping +7.45 this year alone; $7,450, with our minimal trading style and proven tradeplan.

Wheat had two 1 tick winners today and we are up +48 points this year, already; $2400.

EURUSD continues to burn it up during the early, Euro Session trade time.  Also, the ‘bridge’ session, the time between the Euro and NY sessions have been on fire all year.  Some of our overseas members have begun trading the EURUSD during the earlier times and are ringing the cash register.  Our US session seems to be hibernating.  We are about 130 pips shy of our all time profit level though, which as you know, if you’ve been following along, we can pick that up in a single trade.  The fact that we have been hovering just a tiny bit beneath our all time profit levels, despite stepping on the toes of our NY Session dance partner, only goes to show how resilient this tradeplan is.  When the market swings back ‘into phase’ with our US Session, we will rocket upwards and onwards.  The good news is that our philosophical approach of preserving capital and sticking with our proven tradeplan has produced a lot of breakeven trades, which is why we are so close to our all time profit levels.  You have to step out of time and let the market do what it does.  Patience will pay off huge for us, like it has on our other markets.

EURJPY is at all time record profit levels for us, breaking out just yesterday.  We’re up +364 pips this year with very few trades and very low risk. 

Our swing trading is on fire too.  The SST is typically referred to as a day trade system but the fact remains that some of our most profitable and reliable trading is coming from the swing trade side of things.  Both forex and stocks.  I’ll spend some time recapping some of our swing trade highlights in an upcoming post. 

Get on board the SST.  We are always developing, improving, publishing new tradeplans, etc.  The year is fresh and young and this will prove to be another banner year for SST Traders.  Why wait any longer?  Two years of solid gains and today it is doing what it did on day #1.  Winning!  This is a system for the ages and it will continue to work, because of how it was built and the philosophy behind it.  Price action and smart setups that put the odds in your favor on each and every trade.

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