+1000 Pips; August ‘Dawg Day’ Results Were Stellar

EURUSD scored over +1000 pips these past 30 days and one has to wonder about the so-called Dawg Day of August as being something to worry about.  I would love to get a repeat of the infamous Dawg Days each and every month.  Not just on the EURUSD, but on just about ALL the markets that I personally follow and from what I am hearing from other traders, many other markets as well.

Here’s a brief recap of the results we were getting in the LIVE Traderoom with the SST.  It’s a great commentary because it it a diverse group of markets and illustrates how a powerful trade system can produce when teamed up with well thought out tradeplans.

These results reflect the typical two position approach we use with the SST.  Forex trades have estimated spread costs already taken out.  Futures are just gross point totals and have not deducted commission or slippage.

EURUSD; +960 pips; (+1039 if we also count our first day, which was the last day of July)

EURJPY; + 382 pips

Russell eMini; + 80.9 points; $8,090

Crude Oil Futures; + 11.33; $11,330

Wheat Futures; + 120.5 points; $6,025

Other markets that had very profitable results include many of our stock swingtrade plans found on the SST Owner’s Club.  The SST tends to preempt world events by giving us trade setups that put us on the right side of the major moves that occur as a result.  For example, at the end of July, as we were facing the huge debt ceiling ‘face-off’ in Washington, just a couple days before the markets melted down, SST had us in a number of significant short positions that wound up being hugely profitable. 

Of course you know by now that the markets experienced some wild swings and following the landslide, a rocket ship rally ensued.  Again, the SST had us in long positions prior to the rally and we banked significant profits again.  One trade I wrote about, a long in AMZN (Amazon) Sep 190 call options, made us an 83% return in three days.  That was just a simple position that we exited at target.  Trailers and the famous SST Add-on position banked even more.  It was very profitable, obviously with a huge ROI in just a matter of days.  An 83% annual return is phenominal under any circumstance.  This 83% return was NOT an annual return though.  IT WAS A THREE DAY RETURN!!  There were so many others.  Far too numerous to list here.

Hopefully everyone has an excellent 3 day Labor Day Weekend.  As usual, I am already looking forward to Tuesday’s session.  AND of course, the re-release of the Forex Version of the SST, the SST FX.  It will be an exciting kick-off to lead us into the very dynamic and potentially wild, last part of the year.  I’ll be looking to the SST to make sure I am in the markets, on the right side of the major moves, every step of the way.  Can’t wait!

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