How to Build a Trade Plan

In this educational video, TJ (creator of the Seven Summits Trader trading system) discusses some VERY important aspects to the trade.  He will actually teach you how to build a trade plan by creating a NEW tradeplan for a very dynamic forex pair and figure out the best Entry, Stop and Target levels.  Watch how the results over the past 5 years continue to take form as TJ creates the building blocks to what will become a very dynamic and profitable tradeplan for SST Pro Owners.

Note: For those of you asking, TJ did all this using the Seven Summits Trader Pro AUTOMATION. This tool isn’t included in the base price of the SST or SST Pro but is an extra little add-on to help those of you isolate profitable markets outside of the dozens of trade plans given to you in the core SST Owners Club.

If you ARE interested in learning how this Automated SST tool can potentially pad your results, please come to this Seven Summits Trader Pro Automation Webinar this Thursday (September 27th) at 12:00pm Noon ET (US/Eastern).

Register Seven Summits Trader Pro Automation

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Come Meet the NetPicks Team LIVE

We’re takin’ it on the road! Come meet the NetPicks team live and hear some great FREE educational training on our tour across America. We’re hitting a major city near you and we’d love to shake your hand and meet in person.

Click Here to Get Your FREE Ticket!

The purpose of this Roadshow is not only to make some great connections and hear your feedback but also to help further your trading education. You know we’re very big on developing and distributing as much valuable trading content and lessons as possible and this is absolutely no exception.

What’s more is that we’re also going to answer any and all questions you may have on our brand new trading school, Premier Trader University. We’re doing a full demo, telling you about the curriculum, describing who the University is ideal for and of course, fielding your questions live and in person.

See the Dates & Cities & Get Your Seat Right Now

In addition, you’ll also…

  • See the latest trading system live in the markets along with Trade Assist (the ‘hush-hush’ soon-to-be-released trading automation for Premier Trader University
  • Hear our best market recommendations for the rest of the 2012 year (AND into 2013)
  • Learn about some market opportunities you probably *aren’t* trading
  • How to balance your work, family and managing trading as a true method of income
  • Discover exactly how to take action and actually implement what we’re going to teach you

Receive a FREE USB drive containing our best Premier Trader University Resources & Training! And we’re going to throw in a healthy dose of jokes, good conversation, and contests with awesome prizes to mix it all up.

These roadshows WILL NOT be available for rebroadcast… so if you’re in the area, RSVP for your ticket, set a reminder and don’t be late because you’re not going to want to miss NetPicks’ first Roadshow!

Hope to see you there…

Click Here to RSVP For the October Roadshow Now

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New Forex Swingtrade Plan Published on Owner’s Club Gained over $200,000 Over Past 5 Years!!

  • Newest Forex Tradeplan posted over $200,000 in gains using a basic 3 position approach of 1 full lot each.
  • You can scale up if you’d like, beginning with 1 position (micro, mini or full size)
  • More End of Day Tradeplans are being worked on and soon the collection will continue to grow
  • End of Day Stock and ETF plans continue to perform well, too

We are winding down our final launch of the SST Pro, but there is still time to grab one of the few remaining copies.  In the meantime, SST Pro Owners are benefitting greatly from the new tradeplans that are being discovered.  I am currently working on a whole new list of Forex End of Day swingtrade plans.  This is an area with enormous opportunity and offers many exciting reasons why one should want to trade these plans.

First of all, it’s pretty darn easy.  You just check your charts once per day and manage your trades.  Then, walk away until the end of the next day.  There is no better way to remove the ever destructive ‘human element’ from the trade equation.

Secondly, it gives you enormous diversification.  With a well selected list of End of Day Tradeplans, you can trade a variety of markets, each with its own unique profitable EDGE in the market.

Third, you can be as active or inactive as you’d like.  Each End of Day swingtrade plan is going to give you 1 to 3 trades per month.  With a dozen or so of these plans, you can be active each week, with several trades.

Fourth, these plans take advantage of some of the best trends that exist for traders.  Forex tends to trend in the same direction for extended periods of time and these plans get you on the right side of the trend and allow you to grab the meat of the move with SST Pro ease and facility.  Just follow the dots!

Don’t miss out!  This is the LAST public release of the SST Pro, one of the most profitable, dependable, easy to use trade strategy available.  Available for just a little while longer, that is.

See Replay of Final Release Webinar Below


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SST Pro Profits Again, Across the Board Today Despite Super Slow Markets

We had a nice session despite a super sleepy market, winning across the board.  Here is a short video recapping some of the trades we were taking in the live traderoom today. 

There is still time to grab one of the last remaining copies of the SST Pro.  I wouldn’t wait much longer.  It could be shut down at anytime, without further notice.  This is the final public release of the SST Pro.  After two full years it continues to do what it was designed to do.  Win, while also simplifying your trading to merely following dots on the chart.  It works because of the way it interprets price action using parts of a method that has been effective since the days of feudal Asian rice merchants.

This video shows how dynamic trading works, even during slow markets and why it so so important to be able to adjust to market conditions, trade by trade.

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Russell eMini +40 Points over the Last 10 Trades this Week! Still Not too Late to get a Copy of the SST Pro; But You’re Runnin’ Outta Time

This is the final SST Pro Launch.  There’s still some great bonuses to be had.  Why not take advantage of the awesome offer that Tradestation is making.  They will pay your entire cost in commission rebates, with no time restriction AND will give you their ‘best of class’ charting platform FREE for 6 months with the opening and funding of a new futures or Stocks/Options account.

If you ever thought of upgrading to PRO Tools but were put off by the upfront costs, here’s your chance to do it not only for NO cost, but to also get them to BUY FOR YOU, the SST Pro.  Don’t miss out on this last chance amazing deal.

And while you think of it, think of this:  We are hitting record profit levels on all the major markets that we trade and have traded live, in the trade room over the past two years.  The Russell eMini, Crude Futures, Wheat Futures, EURUSD, etc.  And the swing trade profits have been stellar as well. 

I’ve been busy with the launch this week and have fallen a little behind in updating my trade records.  But I just recorded this week’s Russell 625 tick chart trades. 

In short, we won 8 out of 10 trades this week for a stunning +40.3 points!  That’s $4,030 just this week! 

Get your SST Pro NOW, before it’s too late.  And I’ll see you first thing Monday morning in the live traderoom.

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Instant Replay: Seven Summits Trader Final Release Webinar

Sad, but true! All good things must come to an end…

…this is your LAST shot at getting the Seven Summits Trader!

The Seven Summits Trader has had a tremendous track record, dating back to TWO (2) whole years. But we’re fast approaching our MAX QUOTA for the Seven Summits Trader, and that means we’ll have to *pull it* from public release… permanently.

If you’ve EVER been interested in the Seven Summits Trader (aka: SIMPLE day trading that gets you in and out of the markets lickety-split), you must come to our Final Release Webinar.

We’ve planned some pretty impressive festivities and doing things we’ve NEVER DONE before in any other release… oh yea, we’re going all out!

Join us as we celebrate and send the SST off in style…

Get Started:

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EURUSD 5 Minute Chart Doing Great with MT4; Check out a Cool Order Entry Tool, too

  • SST Pro Forex Traders, using our EURUSD 5 minute daytrade plan during the US Session, would have grown their account by 16 times this year.  We’ll show you how you can do the same.

I actually like MT4 better for trading forex than I do Tradestation.  Especially with Oanda, because their charts use an EST time stamp, like Tradestation.  It seems the Oanda MT4 charts give better results than the Tradestation EURUSD 5 minute charts, at least with our SST Pro tradeplan that we use every day.  At least it seems that way to me.  Today, was a wash, with both MT4 and Tradestation giving completely different trade setups but both performing quite nicely, as shown in the video below.

Forex daytraders have to be patient these days, since the range has really dried up.  Even so, anyone trading this very tradeplan from the beginning of the year using a very simple fixed fractional money management strategy like what we teach, would have grown their account 16 times over so far!  I’ll be holding a free educational webinar for our new SST Pro members to show you exactly how you can use the very same money management scheme with your forex trading, shortly after our final release, which is taking place this Thursday, Aug 16th.  Make sure you get your seats.


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New Tradeplan Added to the SST Owner’s Club Today; GBPUSD End of Day Swingtrade Plan

The SST Pro is such a powerful tool that there are endless opportunities to trade.  Due to popular demand, and because they are just so darn profitable, I began focusing on Forex End of Day Tradeplans.  These tradeplans are excellent for all three of the platforms we support, MT4, Ninja Trader and Tradestation.  They are also very easy to trade, requiring just a few minutes a day to review the charts.  You’ll get a solid 1 to 3 trades per month on average and with a good collection to call upon, you’ll be as active as you want.

This new plan of the GBPUSD End of Day Chart is an excellent example.  Over the past 5 years it has strung together an impressive report, winning over $85,000 with a simple, 3 position approach.  During that time it strung together several excellent winning streaks of 12, 15 and 25 consecutive winning trades while keeping the losses very small.  The details of this plan and all the others are accessible in the SST Private Owner’s Club which comes with (as the name implies) ownership of the SST Pro.

We’ll be looking at this plan and many others this Thursday, at the Final SST Pro Release Party.  Make sure you sign up for it.

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Russell eMini Recap of Session that Potentially Gained over 19 Points

Yesterday, the Russell eMini 625 Tick finished its first trade with over +10 points which was fantastic.  It was a great time to quit too, with a one and done session that earned double digit gains (quadruple digit in dollar terms).  Optionally though, traders could have kept trading and as we have seen often enough, the Russell 625 can really get on a roll.  Check out the video below to see how yesterday’s session could have resulted in over +19 points.

Also, The EURUSD had another Power of Quitting Session today, going two for two with +21 pips.  It’s been slow, low range market conditions but the tradeplan, and SST Pro, being dynamic, are still identifying good trades and taking what the market wants to give.  Check back tomorrow for a video on the EURUSD where I show MT4, Tradestation and a nifty tool that actually allows you to ‘chart trade’ directly from your MT4 charts. 

* See earlier post today for more live trade videos, just below this post

Russell 625

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More SST Pro Live Trade Examples

The requests for more live trade examples have been pouring in.  Yesterday, during the non-news Monday, which can definitely be a challenging session, seemed like the perfect day to run the recorder.  I recorded the entire Crude Oil, Russell eMini and Wheat Futures trades, calling them live and taking them live myself.  Meanwhile, I also called trades on the EURUSD 5 minute chart, and the Russell 625 tick.

As you know from yesterday’s post, the Russell 625 ended up with a tremendous +19 point session.  The EURUSD did a great job of actually staying flat, with a bunch of setups that kept cancelling out.  Finally, it did trigger in and it ended with a +24 pip gain, so not bad.

The only losing trade was the first Russell 377 trade as seen in the video. You’ll also see how we turned the session around and ended up with a great start to another week in August.  I edited the videos down to shorten them but it still required 3 parts.  Check them out.  There’s some good educational information scattered throughout including an informative discussion on our dynamic goal setting strategy, the Power of Quitting (POQ) and an explanation of the famous GetBob Trade, amongst other things.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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